Quick Ways To Please Ancestors

Quick Ways To Please Ancestors , Mahalaya Paksha: Fortnight Filled With Ancestral Blessings For Wealth, Health, Protection & Well-Being.

Mahalaya Paksha is also known as Pitru Paksha and is the best time in the year to please our Ancestors with Tarpanam. As per scriptures, Every year during the 15-Days of Mahalaya period, the soul of your ancestors descend to the earth in subtle bodies to receive our offerings and bestow their powerful blessings on us and our future generations.

Therefore, performing Tarpanam with faith and devotion during this time can help free our ancestors, enable them to ascend to higher planes, and dissolve ancestral curses, sins, karma, and afflictions affecting all aspects of our present life, including our health, wealth, career, family, and relationships.

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Quick Ways To Please Ancestors , Mahalaya Paksha: Fortnight Filled With Ancestral Blessings For Wealth, Health, Protection & Well-Being.
Quick Ways To Please Ancestors 

We can do many rituals to please our ancestors in Mahalaya Days like as :

  1. Tarpanam i.e. hydration process.
  2. Fire labs i.e. Hawan.
  3. Offering Panch Bali i.e. feeding to cow, ants, dog, crow and divine energies.
  4. Helping senior citizens.
  5. Chanting Pitru Gayatri Mantra.

Tarpanam is the most effective way to please our forefathers and we can do this for anyone who has left this materialistic world. 

According to Vedic texts, appeasing your ancestors with Tarpanam on the 15 Moon Phases during Mahalaya Paksha help in removing Pitru Dosha. 

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Benefits of Performing Tarapanam in All 15 Days Of Mahalaya: 

  • It helps on attracting Health, wealth and prosperity. 
  • It helps in removing the hurdles in business or job. 
  • Person is blessed with intelligence. 
  • One can overcome from enemy problems. 
  • One can able to get desired things in life by blessings of ancestors. 
  • By the blessings of forefather the will power increase and person is able to take challenges in life successfully. 
  • It helps in getting good life partner. 
  • The person is blessed with materialistic growth, good education, long life. 
  • Mitigates Pitru Dosha (Ancestral Affliction)present in horoscope. 
  • Grants good health of lineage & welfare of children
  • Confers family welfare, wealth & prosperity
  • Removes obstacles to progress in life
  • Wards off evil forces & negative energy

If anyone is not able to do TARPANAM in all days of mahalaya then do not miss the Sarwapitra Amavasya. 

One can Also Hire Astrologer, Pundits who can do tarpanam on behalf of you. 

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Quick Ways To Please Ancestors , Mahalaya Paksha: Fortnight Filled With Ancestral Blessings For Wealth, Health, Protection & Well-Being.

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