Ganesh Utsav Date mahurat in astrology

When is Ganesh utsav in 2023, how planets will support to fulfill wishes as per vedic astrology, QUICK WAYS to connect With Ganesha.

In the year 2023 the special ganesha celebration days are from 19 to 28th of september.  The celebration will start from Ganesh Chaturthi.

Lord ganesha is the favorite of a everyone because he is VIGNHARTA i.e. removes obstacles and also Lord Ganesha has the boon of being worshiped first so as per hindu culture before doing any prayer rituals it is necessary to worship GANPATI. 

Devotees worship ganesha with different names like vinayaka, vighn vinashak, sarwapradaay, Mangalmurthy etc.

When is Ganesh utsav in 2023, how planets will support to fulfill wishes as per vedic astrology, QUICK WAYS to connect With Ganesha.
Ganesh Utsav Date mahurat in astrology

The famous shlok which is recited generally by everyone to remove hurdles from life is as follow:

Vakra Tund Mahakaay suryakotisamaprabh |

Nirvighnam kurume dev sarwa karyeshu sarwada ||

It means O lord ganesha you have curved trunk/soond and have powerful body and you have the power of millions of sun. Make my way hurdle free, obstacles free always.

This is the common prayer which generally every devotee of Ganpati do while worshiping lord ganesha. Every year special celebration of lord ganesha takes place and those days are very important for the devotees These days are known as GANEHS UTSAV DAYS. 

GANESHA CHATURTHI (GANESHA’S BIRTHDAY)is a great and auspicious day to worship the god who is the son of lord shiva and goddess parwati. 

The worship of Ganpati helps to bring Ultimate Blessings for prosperous and successful life. 

Invoking ganesha helps to Eradicate Troubles, Obstacles, Afflictions, Negativity & Bad Karma. 

Here are Some Quick Ways to Connect With Ganesha:

  1. Chanting of Sacred Hyms. 
  2. Hawan by using Ganesh mantras.
  3. Chanting 108 Names of lord Ganesha.
  4. Recitation of Games shastranaam.
  5. Perform Mahaganpati Tarpanam Prayog i.e. Hydration Ceremony of Ganesha.

Ganesha Chaturthi is the day when lord ganesha took birth and so the time is very auspicious as per scriptures. 

He is the remover of obstacles, brings good fortuen, success and prosperity in life. 

Ganesha Chaturthi falls on 4th day in Bhadrapad shukla pakshi.e. Waxing Moon as per hindu panchang. 

Scholors believe that worshipping ganpati during this time can help us to attract blessings and divinity in life. 

Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha is possible by worshipping lord ganesha. He has excellent power to make strategies and so help devotees to get success in life. 

हिंदी में पढ़िए गणेश पूजा द्वारा सफलता कैसे पायें ?


Ganesha is the god of mind power, creativity, knowledge and as per YOGIC SCIENCE  the Muladhaar chakra is the living place in the body of lord ganesha so yogis practices meditation to feel the power of ganesha within body.

Every year devotees perform special celebration in the memory of lord ganesha, In these days devotees install statues in home, offices, market etc and on ANANAT CHATURDASHI procession is held and then devotees give farewell to lord ganesha. 

  • If any one is facing money problems in life then ganpati puja is good.
  • If any one is facing family problems in life then also worship of lord ganesha is good.
  • If any one is facing any obstacles due to malefic planets in horoscope then also worship of lord ganesha will help you a lot.
  • If any one is facing health problems then also ganesh puja is helpful.
  • If destiny is blocked then by reciting ganesha mantra it is possible to awake our luck.
  • Grants protection against enemies, negativity & Navagraha Dosha (Planetary Afflictions).
  • Confers Divine wisdom & knowledge
  • Materializes desires & grants fulfillment
  • Helps curb business losses & debts.
  • Destroys all suffering, uncertainity & problems.
  • Eliminates obstacles to happiness in relationships.
  • Grants relief from ill health & bestows well-being.
  • Grants Ashta Aishwarya (Eight Kinds of Wealth).
  • Banishes all impediments & misfortune preventing progress. 
  • Extricates from calamities & boosts good fortune.
  • Gives success in endeavors & undertakings.
  • Improves relationship satisfaction & happiness.
  • Confers good education, empowers academic advancement & skills.
  • Removes obstacles, suffering, pride & inner and outer negativities.
  • Helps find desired life partner.
  • Improves family welfare
  • Removes hindrances, harmful forces, evil-eye & Dosha (Afflictions)
  • Sharpens intellect & bestows success. 

so there is no problem in life which can’t be removed by worshiping ganesha and so mantra, tantra of ganesha are very popular world wide. 

Now let’s know What To Offer To Lord Ganesha To Please:

It is said that Durva grass is the best thing which if offered to ganesha to fulfill wishes. Next is Laddu of Motichoor is also very good. Banana is also favorite of ganesha.

 Offer different things every day and distribute prasad to family members, relatives, neighbors and spread the feelings of love, peace, harmony everywhere. Pray for the health and wealth of every one and in return you will get the same. 

How to worship lord ganesha ?

  • One can recite 108 names of ganesha daily morning and evening.  
  • One can recite Ganesh atharwashirsha daily.
  • One can perform abhishek of ganpati by durva every day to remove any type of obstacles. 
  • One can smash coconut daily in the name of ganeshji by chanting the mantra to fulfill any wish.
  • Regular visit Ganesha Temples and pray for healthy and wealthy life. 
  • Reciting Ganesh Gayatri mantra is also a powerful way to invoke lord ganesha. 

So there are many ways a person can please ganesha to make life successful. Do the worship as per available resources and capacity and enjoy. 

Let’s know the Planetary positions and Astrology Benefits of 2023 Ganesh Chaturthi:

In the year 2023, Ganesh festival is starting on 19th of september tuesday and so the importance has increase 10 fold.

Now let’s see other planetary positions:

    1. sun will be neutral in gochar kundli.
    2. Moon will be neutral in transit horoscope.
    3. Mars will be of enemy.
    4. Mercury will be positive. 
    5. Jupiter will be positive.
    6. Venus will be Malefic. 
    7. Saturn will be in its own sign.
    8. Rahu will be of enemy sign.
    9. ketu will be positive in gochar kundli.

    Check Mahurat of GANESH STHAPNA on 19th of September 2023

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    Shree Ganeshaay namah

    When is Ganesh utsav in 2023, how planets will support to fulfill wishes as per vedic astrology, how to worship lord ganesha during ganesh utsav, astrology tips to attract success by ganesh pooja. 

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