Widow marriage and astrology

Widow marriage and astrology, tips for widow for remarry soon, how to minimize doshas in birth chart to marry again. 

Marriage is very important for everyone whether one is bachelor, divorcee, separated, widow or widower. Because everyone need a partner to share feelings, emotions, happiness, sorrows. 

There are many females and males who are living ascetic life because there partner is no more because of some reason. Here in this article we will see some yogas which shows problems in marriage life and we will know some easy ways to overcome from malefic impacts of planets which creates problems in remarriage. 

As per astrology, everything is destined and so marriage also depends upon planets present in our horoscope. There are many women who are living alone because there husband is no more and due to some reasons they are forced to live life alone. But now a day’s remarriage is easy because of change in thinking. 

Now the question is when a widower will get partner, will the second marriage become successful, what remedies are needed to open the ways of marriage, where to find right partner for life partner. Widow marriage and astrology

Widow marriage and astrology

Which planets are responsible for widowhood?

In actual houses are responsible for widow hood and these houses are 7th house, specially because in birth chart, seventh house is related with life partner so if this house is generating bad impacts in female horoscope then will enhance the widowhood. I will explain this with example further. 

  1. If 7th house is affected by 2 or more malefic planets then it shows great problems in married life and if the planets are powerful then it also enhance the chance of widowhood. One of close relative become widow at very early age of 30 and when I analyzed her horoscope then I found the following points- in her lagna kundli malefic rahu and venus are sitting together which created problem in her married life. Next is in her 9d chart Saturn and rahu are sitting together. And so she suffered from widowhood. 
  2. If malefic sun is present in 7th house then there is possibility of misunderstanding with partner and great chance of ignoring by husband and with this if mars is present in 7th house then this again enhance the chances of becoming widow. 
  3.  If malefic Saturn present in 7th house and lagna is very weak then also there is great chance of to become widow. 
  4. If Saturn and mars both present in 7th house with enemy sign then this also enhance the yoga of widow.
  5. If malefic planets like mars, Saturn, rahu, sun are present in lagna then it directly affect the 7th house and thus enhance the chance of widowhood. 

There are many other combinations which form in lagn kundli, navmansh kundli and Chandra kundli which are responsible for widowhood. 

Widow marriage and astrology: Unfortunately if anyone has become widow then it is not good to live ascetic life because this life is gift of god and to live alone is not possible for everyone. So if you want to marry then it is good to take some steps with open mind. Do consult ASTROLOGER and know the remedies as per your horoscope to make further life successfully. 

Widow marriage and astrology, tips for widow for remarry soon, how to minimize doshas in birth chart to marry again. 

Widow marriage and astrology: Remedies for successful second marriage:

  • If your marriage house is disturbed then it is good to perform Shanti pooja of related planets to open the way of remarriage. 
  • Do worship regularly shiv and shakti and pray for a deserving partner. 
  • If malefic mars is creating problem in marriage then do the mangal shanti pooja and make a habit to perform abhishek of lord shiva with sweet water. 
  • If malefic Saturn or rahu is creating problem in marriage house then don’t worry, do worship peepal tree on Saturday specially and take 108 round of it and pray for successful marriage. 
  • If you are a widow and want remarriage and no ways are opening then do one thing, Do the worship of SHIVLING MADE WITH RANGHA for 40 days and then donate it in any shiv temple. 
    rangha shivling for grah shanti pooja
    rangha shivling online


  • If you are a widow and are fearing to marry again then do worship of Radha Krishna together and pray for deserving partner and successful marriage life. 
  • In navratri and gupt navratri, do offer cosmetics or makeup kit like bangles, saree, sindoor, jewelry as per capacity in any goddess temple and pray for successful remarriage. 
  • If you are a widow then it is sure that your happiness house, marriage house and destiny house is generating malefic impacts or are weak, so in that case you have to wear the right gems stone to enhance the power of planets and destiny. 

Widow marriage and astrology, tips for widow for remarry soon, how to minimize doshas in birth chart to marry again. 

Let us know who can marry a widow?

  1. Widowers i.e. whose wife has passed away, then such people know about loneliness and such people are willing to marry with a widow.
  2. There are many people who get divorced, so even in such a situation they need another partner, then such people also agree to marry widow.
  3. There are also some people who fall in love with a widow, then they also get ready for marriage.
  4. Some people make plans to get married at an older age, in such a situation they are ready to marry a widow if thinking match.

Let us know how you can search for widow partner in a safe way:

Finding a genuine partner to marry is not an easy task in this digital age because of so many fake profiles present in social media. If someone wants remarriage or second marriage then it is necessary to take precautions. There are many such organizations that support for remarriage of widow. The government also gives employment scheme under widow remarriage.

Widow marriage and astrology, tips for widow for remarry soon, how to minimize doshas in birth chart to marry again. 

Points to keep in mind while searching for remarriage:

  1. First of all, know that if your social contact is good then you will not face any problem in finding a right person, you can tell your wish to your close friends, relatives, friends and someone can introduce you to someone and this is a safe way.
  2. There are many people who only give advice for remarriage and their contacts are also good, so you can contact them and tell your wish of remarriage. 
  3. In some places the temple committee runs, so you can contact them and find the right person to remarry.
  4. The people of some Arya Samaj temple are also very aware of widow marriage, so you can contact them and find a good partner for yourself.
  5. Apart from this, you can find groups for 2nd marriage, remarriage online in Facebook, you can check and contact them. 
  6. Apart from this, you can also send your profile to www.indianbazars.com where your profile will be shared for free, those who need it can contact you, for this you can send your profile to indiabazars@gmail.com.
  7. One more thing to keep in mind is that find a person as per your need and thinking, don’t make hurry otherwise the relationship will not last long.
  8. You should also decide what kind of person you want, that is, middle class, upper class, inter-caste etc. Find a partner according to your need and status.
  9. Apart from this, there are many social workers who have very good contacts, you can contact them to get a good partner for remarriage.
  10.  You can also register yourself in offline marriage beuro in your city for remarriage.
  11. You can also search profile in social media like Instagram, Facebook, telegram, tinder etc.
  12. Many websites are running these days for second marriage, you can also go to those websites and find your partner. Here if you take paid service, then you will get the contact number, phone number, profile photo and other information online.
  13. You can put your profile on matrimonial websites so that people can find you too.

So in this way one can remarry and settle again to enjoy life. If you want to know that when is the best time to marry, which planets are creating problem in remarriage, which pooja is good for you, what to donate then you can contact ASTROLOGER. 

Have a happy and successful life. 

Widow marriage and astrology, tips for widow for remarry soon, विधवा से विवाह करने में किन बातो का ध्यान रखना चाहिए , how to minimize doshas in birth chart to marry again. 

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