who is khatushyamji

Who is khatushyam baba?, where is temple of khatushyam baba, how to reach, Real Story of Khatushyam baba in Scriptures, What we can see near khatushyam temple?, Benefits of worshipping khatu shyamji?.  

who is khatushyamji: In india there is very magical temple of a divine energy. There are many devotees who visit a temple on regular basis monthly, quarterly, half yearly or on yearly basis. Devotees have experienced the presence of wish fulfilling god and so they visit temple regularly to seek blessings. 

|| हारे का सहारा, खाटू श्याम बाबा हमारा ||

  • Businessmen get growth in business. 
  • Jobbers get promotion by blessings of lord shyam.
  • Poverty goes away. 
  • Unemployed get job.
  • Sources of income open by blessings of lord shyam. 
  • Sufferings go away by invoking lord khatushya. 
who is khatushyamji

हिंदी में पढ़िए खाटूश्याम बाबा कौन है ?

who is khatushyamji

One of the most famous temple in india is of BABA KHATUSHYAM. As per mythology he is the son of Ghatotkaksh(son of pandu putr bheem). 

The real name of khatushyamji is BARBARIK. 

It is believed that he has tremendous power to bring out the problems of anyone in this kalyug. Whoever chant the name of khatushyam is blessed with good luck, health, wealth and prosperity. 

Khatushyamji is believed to be the alive god in this Kaliyuga. He has got a boon from Lord Krishna that he would be revered by Krishna’s own name (Shyam) and worshipped in that way. In these days people feel the presence of khatushyam baba and make life blissful. 

The interesting part of his birth is that as soon as he born he started growing and become a young man. He took birth on the 11th day of the bright half of kartik month as per hindu calendar. 

who is khatushyamji

who is khatushyamji: Where is Temple of Khatushyam BABA?

This divine and magical temple is present in Sikar district in Rajasthan.

How can I reach Khatu Shyam?

Khatu Shyam temple is easily accessible via road, train and aeroplane. The nearest railway station to the temple is Ringas Junction (RGS). 

The nearest AIRPORT is Jaipur. 

We can find cabs, jeeps to take to the temple of baba khatushyam. 

Distances of khatushyam temple from different cities:

Sikar: 43 km, Shrimadhopur: 33 km, Jaipur: 80 km, New Delhi: 266 km, Indore: 680 km, Jabalpur: 1000 km, Jeenmata: 26 km, Salasar Balaji:105, Mumbai : 1250 km, Kolkata : 1592 km, Hyderabad : 1775 km, Nagpur : 1200 km, Guwahati :2300 km, Varanasi : 940 km, Ahmedabad : 720 km.

who is khatushyamji: Real Story of Khatushyam baba in Scriptures:

Barbarik was the son of ghatotkach i.e. the son of pandu-putr bheem. He was a great warrior and it is nearly impossible to defeat him in war. He had a unique triple arrow – or a bow with three arrows. The three arrows could put an end to any war in a minute. 

 In the war of mahabharat he decided to fight from the weaker side. Lord Krishna knew that if barbaric fight from the weaker side then the the scene of war will be different and so he asked barik to give his head to him. Barik agreed willingly because he was a great daani. 

Shree Krishna was pleased with his devotion and gave him his own name SHYAM. 

Barbarika’s final desire was to witness the battle of mahabharat, so Lord Krishna himself had his head placed on the mountain peak for Barbarika to view the war. 

What we can see near khatushyam temple?

  • There is shyam baghicha.
  • There is shrine of Aloo Singh, an avid worshipper.
  • The Shyam Kund is a holy pond next to the temple from where the head of baba Shyam came out.

Khatushyamji helps in fulfilling all the desires of the devotees. The puja is performed to demonstrate adherence and gratitude towards the deity. A worshipper will never suffer financial losses or crises in business after performing the holy rituals of Khatu Shyam Puja. It is conducted to attain victory and financial development in life. Khatu Shyam Puja is also performed to bring harmony and joy to the house.

You can keep the image of the deity anywhere you want. Ensure there is no lack of respect or honor in any way or there is no blunder in the way you worship the Lord.

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Benefits of worshipping khatu shyamji?

  1. He blesses the devotee with courage to face the challenges of life.
  2. If anyone want spiritual development then also it is possible by invoking baba khatushyam. 
  3. Devotee is able to save from premature death. 
  4. The unseen hurdles of life vanish by blessings of lord shyam. 
  5. The pooja of khatushyam protect a person from negative energies, black magic and Bandhan Dosha
  6. It minimizes the malefic impacts of planets. 
  7. Devotee is blessed with good health and financial status to live this materialistic life successfully. 

Spell of Khatshyamji to worship and meditate:

|| ॐ श्री श्याम देवाय नमः ||

|| Om Shree Shyam Devaay Namah ||

|| हारे का सहारा, खाटू श्याम बाबा हमारा ||

Whoever chant this mantra with devotion will be able to live a comfortable life in this kalyug. 

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Who is khatushyam baba?, where is temple of khatushyam baba, how to reach, Real Story of Khatushyam baba in Scriptures, What we can see near khatushyam temple?, Benefits of worshipping khatu shyamji?.  

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