Who Are Yakshini

Who is Yakshini?, what are the benefits of getting blessings from Yakshini, which Yakshini gives wealth, mantras of different Yakshinis. यक्षिणी साधना की जानकारी.

Who Are Yakshini: Yakshinis are also known as Yakshi, Paliḥ, Yakkhini or Yakkhi. They are famous for their mystical powers and their descriptions are  found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Just as there are Gandharvas, Rakshasas, Goddesses, Gods, similarly there are Yakshinis. Their abode is believed to be in the trees.

They are engage in serving Lord Shiva. Their king is Yaksharaj Kuber, who is the lord of wealth. According to religious texts, Yaksha-Yakshinis have mysterious powers.

Who Are Yakshini

According to the information available, some Yakshini are very good and fulfill all the wishes of the one who worships them.

There are some important trees under which Yakshini Sadhana is performed like Ashoka tree, Banana tree, Ber tree, Acacia tree etc.

There is also a belief that Yakshini Sadhana gives quick results, so some people do Yakshini Sadhana for success in life.

हिंदी में पढ़िए यक्षिणी कौन होती है ?

Let us know the names of the main Yakshinis: Who Are Yakshini

According to information, there are 64 Yakshinis, some of whom are important and only a few of them are worshipped.

Some Yakshini gives wealth, some helps in physical enjoyment, some bless to enjoy very personal life, some gives comfort, some gives hypnotic power, some gives confidence etc.

The names of some Yakshinis are as follows –

  1. Shankhini
  2. Laxmi
  3. Shobana
  4. Vichitra
  5. vibhrama
  6. Sulochana
  7. Bala
  8. madana
  9. Dhumra
  10. Shmshaani
  11. Chandrika
  12. Bheeshan
  13. Vikala
  14. Sur sundari Yakshini
  15. Manoharini yakshini
  16. Kankawati Yakshini
  17. Kameshwari Yakshini
  18. Rati Priya Yakshini
  19. Padmini Yakshini
  20. Nati Yakshini
  21. Anuragini Yakshini
  22. mahamaya
  23. Ghantakarni etc

Who Are Yakshini, Remedies of Black Magic

Let us know the names of some Yakshinis, whose worship gives immense wealth:
  • Vibhrama
  • Vishala
  • Shat-patrika
  • Mekhla
  • Laxmi
  • Shankhini
  • Chandrika

Let us now know which Yakshini are worshiped for different wishes?

Manoharini Yakshini:

If anyone wants to have a mesmerizing personality, then manoharini yakshini should be worshipped.
Who Are Yakshini
Manoharini Yakshini’s mantra is –
Om hreem aagach manoharini swaha |

Sur Sundari Yakshini:

If anyone get the blessings of sursundari yakshini then the seeker starts getting money, property, all kinds of opulence.
The mantra of Sur Sundari Yakshini is –
Who Are Yakshini
Om aim hreem Agach Sur Sundari Swaha|

Kankawati Yakshini:

If someone wants sharp mind, freedom from fear, then in such a situation Kankawati yakshini should be worshipped.
The mantra of Kankawati Yakshini is:
Om Hreem Hroom Raksh Karmani Aagachh Kankavati Swaha ॥

Kameshwari Yakshini:

If someone is internally weak, then in order to get manhood, Kameshwari yakshini should be worshipped.

Kameshwari Yakshini’s mantra is –

Om Kreem Kameshwari Vashya Priyay Kreem Om ॥

Rati Priya Yakshini:

If a woman or a man wants to enjoy life like Rati and Kamdev, then worshiping rati priya yakshini is very beneficial.
Who Are Yakshini
The mantra of Rati Priya Yakshini is –
Om Hreem Aagachha Aagachha Rati Priya Swaha ॥

Padmini Yakshini:

Those who want to increase their self-confidence and stabilize their mind, then they should do the sadhna of Padmini Yakshini.
Padmini Yakshini’s mantra is –
Om Hreem Aagachha Aagachha Padmini Swaha ॥

Nati Yakshini:

For every types of protection, worship of nati yakshini is done. 
The mantra of Nati Yakshini is –
Om Hreem Aagachha Aagachha Nati Swaha ॥

Anuragini Yakshini:

Worship of anuragini yakshini proves to be very beneficial for wealth, respect, fame and fulfillment of other wishes.


Anuragini Yakshini’s mantra is –
Om Hree Anuragini Aagachh Swaha ॥

Who is Yakshini?, what are the benefits of getting blessings from Yakshini, which Yakshini gives wealth, mantras of different Yakshinis. यक्षिणी साधना की जानकारी.

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