When is Makar Sankranti correct date

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When is makar Sankranti in 2023,  know the correct date as per Hindu calender, Importance of मकर संक्रांति, tips to remove hurdles of life,  how the life will change when sun transit in capricorn, Prediction of 12 zodiacs, Totkays for makar sankranti. 

Makar sankranti is celebrated in a very huge way in the Great India. This is one of the great festival of India. People used to fly kites on this auspicious day. Whole the day, people enjoy with family members, friends, relatives in ground or roof with kites and eating Laddu or Til. But this is not only the importance there is a great astrological changes takes place on this day of makar sankranti. 
When is makar Sankranti in 2023,  know the correct date as per Hindu calender, Importance of मकर संक्रांति, tips to remove hurdles of life
When is Makar Sankranti correct date

This auspicious day is celebrated in different ways in different states of India like as in Tamil Nadu it is called as pongal festival, In Assam this auspicious event is celebrated as Bihu, In punjab and Haryana Lohri is celebrated on this day.

When Is Makar Sankranti in 2023?

This year, the Sun will enter Capricorn on 14th at around 8:22 in the night, due to which the festival of Makar Sankranti will be celebrated on Sunday, January 15, 2023. If you want to do charity on Makar Sankranti, then you should do it on 15th.
It is also mentioned in Dharma Sindhu and Nirnay Sindhu Granth that if Sun transits in Capricorn after sunset, then Makar Sankranti will be celebrated on the next day.

Some Important Facts Related withMakar Sankranti:

  1. The Sun become Uttarayan on this day. 
  2. sun enter in the Capricorn zodiac sign on this makar sankranti.
  3. From Makar sankranti Day time of God started as per Indian epics.
  4. As per Bhagwat Geeta it is said by Lord krishna that person if died on Uttarayan time will get salvation. Due to this reason bhism pitamah a great character in Mahabarat left his body in Uttarayan time.
  5. It is also a belief that on this auspicious day of makar sankranti Ganga met with ocean following the Bhagirath that’s why on this day people use to take bath on ganga sagar.
  6. On this day wife pray for the long life of husbands.
So it is a time of getting grace, blessings, Offering.

Astrology Importance of Makar Sankranti:

As i cleared above that on this auspicious day sun enter in Capricorn. sun is taken as the father of Saturn and makar is the zodiac sign controlled by Saturn, so it is said that on this day sun meet his son. 
But this is a very important period to cool down the sun and Saturn if it is malefic in our horoscope, kundli or birth chart.

What To Do On Makar Sankranti:

  • Black til with molasses is distributed in temples, to relatives etc. It helps to minimizes the bad impacts of sun and saturn in life.
  • There are many big ritual which can be done on this auspicious day to over come from debt problems, to over come from family problems, health problems etc.
  • If Saturn is creating problems in life then on makar sankranti you can do pooja for shani Shanti.
  • If Sun is malefic in your horoscope then on this day you can donate things of sun to the needy persons to minimize the negative rays of sun.
  • It is a great day to start any anusthaan or rituals for success.
  • It is a day to start karma to attain dharma, artha kama and moksha.
  • You can do process to get Religious power.
  • You can do saadhna on this auspicious makar sankranti to get spiritual power.
  • You can do pooja to open the way to attract Monetary power in life.
  • You can take proper step to attain the salvation, the main goal of human life as per our epics.

Some Totkays To do on Makar Sankranti Which will open the way of SUCCESS:

Makar Sankranti Significance, Importance of Makar sankranti, What to do on akarsankranti, How to get astrology power in makar sankranti. Totkays for makar sankranti.
  1. If you fly kite then take kites as per your age for e.g. if you are of 25 years then take 25 kites and fly them with joy and let them cut. Think that your all bad luck is going away with that kite. 
  2. You can do tula daan on this day to over come from any difficult period of life like as mental problems, health problems, financial problems etc. 
  3. If you are affecting badly from shanti then take the laddus of gud and til as per your age and just move them from head to foot 21 times and then offer them to red or black cows. You can also feed fishes on this day.
  4. You can do Rudrabhishek on this day for your upliftment. 
  5. There are many other ways to do which you can do by taking proper consultancy with your consultant. 
Scriptures also reveals the importance of makar sankranti and suggest to perform holy bath, Offering(daan), tarpan, Hawan etc on this auspicious day to make over all life successful.

Some Daan which are taken as auspicious on the day of Makar Sankranti are as follows:

  • Gold with Til(seasame) to any brahmin.
  • Daan of Ox with Til(seasame).
  • Daan of Blanket to needy is also very auspicious.
  • Offering cloth is also said to be auspicious.
  • There are other items too which can be offered as per the planetary positions in our horoscope like as land, cow, books, cereals, water, plants etc.

Some Holy rivers and Tirth places in which holy bath is said to be auspicious on Makar sankranti are:

  1. River ganga
  2. River Sindhu
  3. Saraswati river
  4. Yamuna river
  5. Godavari river
  6. Narmada tirth
  7. Kaveri river
  8. Sarayu tirth
  9. Chambal river
  10. Kshipra river
  11. Gaya tirth
  12. Prayag tirth
  13. Pushkar tirth

It is good to take holy bath in these area and perform tarpan for the well being of every one on the auspicious day of MAKAR SANKRANTI.

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2023 Predictions When Sun Enter In Capricorn

The sun will enter in Capricorn on 14th January 2022 at 2:13 PM and remain for next 1 month. Sun in Capricorn is malefic so major changes may be seen in life of 12 zodiac people and also in weather and environment. 

Let us know, how the life of 12 zodiac people will change when the Sun enter in Capricorn:

Predictions of ARIES people will change when sun transit in Capricorn on 14th of January 2023?

This transit of sun in Capricorn will enhance struggle in life of ARIES PEOPLE, unwanted responsibilities will create pressure, it is possible that you may not get the name and fame for your deeds, If you are doing any work related with share market or speculative market then be careful. 
Time is also not good for lovers of aries zodiac, there is chance of misconception. Unwanted travelling is also possible due to which you may get upset. 

But you will get the support of your life partner and some friends which will be very good for you to overcome from your problems. 

It is good to offer Ardhya to sun daily from 14th of January for next one month.

Surya shanti pooja is also good for you.

Makar sankranti 2023

Predictions of TAURUS people will change when sun transit in Capricorn on 14th of January 2023?

Taurus people will inclined towards religious work, spiritual practices when sun will transit in Capricorn. The time will be good for those who are performing any spiritual practice. Those who are in search of spiritual master may get. But you have to control your anger because instability in mind will disturb you, there is chance of conflicts with close-ones, so be careful. You may also suffer from mood swing but time is good for lovers and students, you may meet your dream partner which will make your life wonderful and you will be able to overcome from your stress.

Worship goddess kali or shani deva to make life successful, do feed jiggery and wheat to cows on Sunday.

Predictions of GEMINI people will change when sun transit in Capricorn on 14th of January 2023?

Gemini people may face chronic constipations problem and also you will face difficulty to use your potential at your level best. There may be disputes with family members and also you may travel unwillingly. But the time is good for researchers, spiritual practitioners, lovers, students. Those who are in search of life partner may get. Be ready for sudden changes in personal and professional life.

For goodness do worship your kuldevi or kul devta.

Makar sankranti 2023

Predictions of CANCER people will change when sun transit in Capricorn on 14th of January 2023?

Cancer people may suffer from conflicts with life partner, friends, customers, clients etc. There is possibility of health issues of life partner which may generate stress in life. But you will find good change in your potential and will power. You contacts will increase which will be good for your business. After crossing hurdles, at last you will be able to fulfill your wishes.

For goodness, do gifts to elders people and Brahmins.

Predictions of LEO people will change when sun transit in Capricorn on 14th of January 2023?

LEO people may pass through frustration, anger, depression due to sun transit in Capricorn, so it is good to remain quite as much as possible and not to take any decision in hurry and pressure of any kind.

Although your creativity will also increase but you will not be able to get the expected results of your hard work which will create stress, so keep patience.

The time is good for lovers and students of leo sign. Unwanted expenses may disturb your monthly budget.

For goodness, do recite aditya hriday and offer sweet water to sun.

Makar sankranti 2023

Predictions of VIRGO people will change when sun transit in Capricorn on 14th of January 2023?

The creativity of VIRGO people will increase a lot and if you are in marketing and decision making then you will get benefit and will be able to take some good decisions. If you are doing any business related to iron, oil then you will get benefit. Students may get problem in focusing mind, Lovers may also face problems of misconception with beloved. You may get new responsibilities which may create stress.

For goodness, do feed chapatti and jiggery to red cows.

Predictions of LIBRA people will change when sun transit in Capricorn on 14th of January 2023?

Libra people may spend in house and vehicle maintenance, it is necessary to take care of mother health. You may also get unwanted responsibilities which will generate stress. You have to control your speech otherwise you may face conflicts with seniors and others. You may also go for recreation with your family in coming days. You will also feel sudden health changes which may create tension so take care.

Worship goddess laxmi and donate sweets on Sunday for goodness.

Makar sankranti 2023

Predictions of SCORPIO people will change when sun transit in Capricorn on 14th of January 2023?

Scorpio people may enter in depression due to unable to utilize their potential as per expectation. Anger will increase, frustration will increase, there is chance of headache due to unwanted thoughts.

But the good thing is that you will get good benefits from your life partner luck so do discuss your problems with your partner before taking final decision.

For goodness, do avoid any debate and do meditation.

Predictions of SAGITTARIUS people will change when sun transit in Capricorn on 14th of January 2023?

Sagittarius people will get mix results due to transit of sun in Capricorn. Sometimes you will feel very good environment and sometimes you will face conflicts with friends, colleagues, seniors.
There is chance of health loss so take care and also do put special care while driving or travelling somewhere, there is chance of accident.

For goodness do worship lord ganesha regularly.

Makar sankranti 2023

Predictions of CAPRICORN people will change when sun transit in Capricorn on 14th of January 2023?

Capricorn people will become creative and will be able to take big decisions. There is chance of travelling but you must not take any big decisions without taking guidance from life partner, friends and consultant. If you are doing work related to share market or speculative market then you may get good profits but do keep patience otherwise you may have big loss.

Those who are in search of lover may get and those who want to marry may also get success.

Predictions of  AQUARIUS people will change when sun transit in Capricorn on 14th of January 2023?

If Aquarius people are planning to go abroad for long time then now you will get the ways, there is chance of invest in property. Income source will also open but you have to travel a lot or you have to implement new rules to enhance your income. There is chance of conflict with partners, life partner, friends so take care. Do avoid any type of conflicts and debate otherwise you may suffer due to legal issues.

Time is general for lovers and students.

For goodness do give gifts to seniors and father.

Makar sankranti 2023

Predictions of PISCES people will change when sun transit in Capricorn on 14th of January 2023?

Pisces people will have to work more to fulfill their wishes, You have to believe on your hard work instead of destiny. You may get chance to invest in property. Responsibilities will increase but you will be able to handle everything in smart way and you will get name and fame due to this. You will be able to make new plans for future which will be helpful for you in long run.

For goodness, do give ardhya to sun and worship lord hanumanji.

So we have seen that how the transit of sun in Capricorn will change the life of 12 zodiac people.

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When is makar Sankranti in 2023,  Importance of Makar sankranti, What to do on makar sankranti, Prediction of sun transit in Capricorn, How to get astrology power in makar sankranti. Totkays for makar sankranti

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