kaalbhairav ashtak to please lord bhairav

kaalbhairav ashtak to please lord bhairav, कालभैरव अष्टकम lyrics in sanskrit, benefits of kalabhairava ashtakam, kaal bhairav ashtakam meaning.

Sri Kalabhairav Ashtakam composed by Adi shankracharyaji is a very powerful text by which the fierce form of Shiva can be appeased. There are in eight stanzas in Ashtakam. These hymns are very powerful and invoke the divine powers. 

Lord bhairav is of black color and wear garland of skulls. Snakes are his ornaments; He has 3 eyes and weapons to destroy negative energies.

Astrologers recommend this divine mantras to recite to overcome from various problems of life. 

kaalbhairav ashtak to please lord bhairav, कालभैरव अष्टकम lyrics in sanskrit, benefits of kalabhairava ashtakam, kaal bhairav ashtakam meaning.
kaalbhairav ashtak to please lord bhairav

Important points related to lord KALABHAIRAVA:

  • The dog is carrier of baba kalbhairav. 
  • He is the fierce form of Lord Shiva
  • He controls the death and time. 
  • The pooja of lord bhairav gives very fast result in KALYUG. 
  • As per mythology lord Kaalbhairav is the lord of Kashi in India. 
  • Yogis meditate कालभैरव on aagya chakra.

What are the benefits of Reciting KALABHAIRAVA ASHTAKAM?

  1. This is one of the best ashtakam which gives many benefits to listeners and chanters. 
  2. If anyone is under the influence of negative forces, then he should listen and recite this kalabhairav Ashtakam regularly and at least 3 times a day.
  3. If anyone is suffering from health issues then in such a situation, the recitation of Kalabhairav Ashtakam should be done regularly and pray for health.
  4. If anyone is suffering from ghost impacts, Bandhan dosha, negative energies, black magic, evil eye effects then it is good to worship lord bhairav with kaalbhairav ashtakam. 
  5. This is a very powerful prayer in which Baba Bhairav has been invoked.
  6. Spiritual seekers also get benefits by worshiping lord. 
  7. We can overcome from any type of fear by invoking lord bhairav. 
  8. Listening and chanting of kalbhairav ashtkam enhance energy in mind and body. 
  9. By the grace of Baba Kalabhairav, all happiness is easily attained in Kali Yuga, there is no doubt about it.

कालभैरव अष्टकम के फायदे को हिंदी में पढ़िए 

Kaalbhairav ashtkam lyrics in English:


Vyaala-Yajnya-Suutram-Indu-Shekharam Krpaakaram |

Naarada-[A]adi-Yogi-Vrnda-Vanditam Digambaram

Kaashikaa-Pura-Adhinaatha-Kaalabhairavam Bhaje ||1||

Bhaanu-Kotti-Bhaasvaram Bhavaabdhi-Taarakam Param

Niila-Kannttham-Iipsita-Artha-Daayakam Trilocanam |


Kaashikaa-Pura-Adhinaatha-Kaalabhairavam Bhaje ||2||


Shyaama-Kaayam-Aadi-Devam-Akssaram Nir-Aamayam |

Bhiimavikramam Prabhum Vichitra-Taannddava-Priyam

Kaashikaa-Pura-Adhinaatha-Kaalabhairavam Bhaje ||3||

Bhukti-Mukti-Daayakam Prashasta-Caaru-Vigraham

Bhakta-Vatsalam Sthitam Samasta-Loka-Vigraham |


Kaashikaa-Pura-Adhinaatha-Kaalabhairavam Bhaje ||4||

Dharma-Setu-Paalakam Tva-Adharma-Maarga-Naashakam Karma-Paasha-Mocakam Su-Sharma-Daayakam Vibhum |


Kaashikaa-Pura-Adhinaatha-Kaalabhairavam Bhaje ||5||


Nityam-Advitiiyam-Isstta-Daivatam Niramjanam |

Mrtyu-Darpa-Naashanam Karaala-Damssttra-Mokssannam

Kaashikaa-Pura-Adhinaatha-Kaalabhairavam Bhaje ||6||


Drsstti-Paata-Nasstta-Paapa-Jaalam-Ugra-Shaasanam |

Asstta-Siddhi-Daayakam Kapaala-Maalikaa-Dharam

Kaashikaa-Pura-Adhinaatha-Kaalabhairavam Bhaje ||7||

Bhuuta-Samgha-Naayakam Vishaala-Kiirti-Daayakam

Kaashi-Vaasa-Loka-Punnya-Paapa-Shodhakam Vibhum |

Niiti-Maarga-Kovidam Puraatanam Jagatpatim

Kaashikaapuraadhinaathakaalabhairavam Bhaje ||8||

Kaalabhairavaassttakam Patthamti Ye Manoharam

Jnyaana-Mukti-Saadhanam Vicitra-Punnya-Vardhanam |


Prayaanti Kaalabhairava-Amghri-Sannidhim Naraa Dhruvam ||

॥Iti Kaalbhairav Ashtkam Sampoornam ॥

kaalbhairav ashtak to please lord bhairav, कालभैरव अष्टकम lyrics in sanskrit, benefits of kalabhairava ashtakam, kaal bhairav ashtakam meaning.

Meaning Of Kaalbhairav Ashtkam:

Salutations to Lord Kalabhairava, the lord of Kashi, whose lotus feet are worshiped by Indra, the king of the gods, the serpents, whose sacrificial offerings adorn the body, whose heads are adorned by the moon, who are praised by the sages of the gods Narada Muni and other yogis, who Digambara, who holds the sky as his dress, which symbolizes being free.

Salutations to Lord Kalabhairava, the lord of Kashi, who has the effulgence of millions of suns, who saves devotees from the cycle of rebirth, and who is supreme; Whose throat is blue, Who fulfills our wishes, And Who has three eyes; Whose eyes are like lotus; Whose trident holds the world and who is immortal.

Salutations to Lord Kalabhairav, the lord of Kashi, who has trident, matka, noose and Dand in his hands. Whose body is dark complexion, who is immortal and free from diseases; One who is very mighty, powerful and who loves wonderful tandav dance.

Salutations to Lord Kalabhairava, the lord of Kashi, who bestows both materialistic happiness and salvation, who has a pleasant appearance; One who is dear to his devotees, who is stable as the deity of all the worlds; One who wears a golden belt around his waist with bells that make a melodious sound when he walks.

Salutations to Lord Kalabhairava, the lord of Kashi, who ensures that righteousness prevails, who destroys the path of adharma, who saves us from the bondage of karma and liberates our souls; And in whose body golden colored snakes are tied.

Salutations to Lord Kalabhairav, the lord of Kashi, whose feet are adorned with two golden shoes, in which there is also a gem; who is the eternal, non-dual Ishta Devata; Who destroys the pride of Yama, the god of death; Whose terrible teeth set us free.

Salutations to Lord Kalabhairava, the lord of Kashi, whose roaring roar destroys the creations of the lotus-born Brahma, that is, destroys illusions, whose mere glimpse is enough to destroy all our sins. Who gives us eight siddhis; And those who wear garlands of skulls.

Salutations to Lord Kalabhairava, the lord of Kashi, the leader of the ghosts and ganas, who bestows glory; Who frees the people of Kashi from their sins and religions; Who leads us on the path of Dharma, the most ancient lord of the universe.

Those who recite these eight verses of Kalabhairav Ashtakam, which is beautiful, which is the source of knowledge and liberation, which inculcates in the individual various forms of righteousness, which destroys sorrow, attachment, poverty, greed, anger and heat – will attain the feet of Lord Kalabhairava..

So if anyone want materialistic comforts, spiritual success, liberation from birth and death then it is good to recite KAALBHAIRAV ASHTKAM.

What is the best time to chant Kalabhairava Ashtakam?

We can chant Kalabhairava Ashtakam in the morning, evening and in the night. 

Is Kaal Bhairav reincarnation of lord Shiva?

Yes , Kaalbhairav is the most fearsome avatar of Lord Shiva. 

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kaalbhairav ashtak to please lord bhairav, कालभैरव अष्टकम lyrics in sanskrit, benefits of kalabhairava ashtakam, kaal bhairav ashtakam meaning.

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