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Jyotish secrets for best astrology services online, What is vedic jyotish, Contribution of Vedas and rishi munis, Core Principles of Astrology in Jyotish, Key Components of a Birth Chart, how predictions are made?.

Introduction to Jyotish Secrets

The influence of celestial bodies on living beings is found in Rig-Veda (an ancient indian scripture) and so the base of vedic astrology is related from vedas. Throughout the ages, Vedic astrology evolved through the the contributions of renowned scholars and rishis.

our ancient scholars like Rishi Parasara, Bhrigu, Jaimini and Varahamihira made deep research and invented some new and easy principles to understand the impacts of cosmic energies on human being. Jyotish Secrets

In vedic astrology While making predictions the 9 planets, 27 nakshatra, 12 zodiacs and transits are used basically. The secrets part of jyotish is that it is not nourished in Bharat only but the research on vedic jyotish is also done deeply in Greece, Persia and southern east Asia etc. In present time in all over the world, astrology scholars are learning vedic astrology because of its authenticity.

The principles of vedic astrology is used in predicting various aspects of life such as career, marriage, destiny, health issues, future etc. One can know the loopholes and power points of personality by taking astrology reading. Jyotish Secrets

jyotish secrets for best astrology consultation online

Core Principles of Astrology in Jyotish:

Astrology in Jyotish revolves around the belief that planetary movements influence life events. An astrologer interprets these movements through birth charts and transit chart, showcasing a person’s karmic patterns and life journey.

Impact of Planetary Positions on Individuals:

Jyotish emphasizes how the positions of planets during birth determine one’s personality, strengths, challenges, and opportunities. Each planet embodies unique energies shaping different facets of life. Every planet is moving and within specific period it also change zodiac and because of this changes in life, weather take place. Jyotish Secrets

What are the Key Components of a Birth Chart?

The Vedic birth chart consists of 12 houses, each house represents specific aspects, and planets in signs dictate their influence.

Each house is having a number which represent a particular zodiac sign like as number 1 related with Aries, 2 is related with Taurus, 3 is related with Gemini, 4 is related with cancer, 5 is related with Leo, 6 is related with Virgo, 7 is related with Libra, 8 is related with Scorpio, 9 is related with Sagittarius, 10 is related with Capricorn, 11 is related with Aquarius, 12 is related with Pisces. Jyotish Secrets.

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How Interpretation of Birth Charts is done by astrologer?: Jyotish Secrets

Astrologers analyze birth charts as per need of client for example if question is related with progeny/children/baby then 5th house of birth chart is specially analyzed, if question is related with marriage then 7th house is specially analyzed with other planetary impacts and houses, to check destiny, 9th and 5th houses are checked specially and so on.

So different houses are studied to analyze the career, personality, business, profits, investments opportunity etc.

Influence of Dashas in Vedic Astrology Reading:

Dashas, planetary periods, unfold life events in distinct phases. Understanding these periods’ aids in predicting life’s Ups and down. For example during the transit of good planet person get growth in life whereas during the transit of bad planet person face problems in life. The long journeys, short journey, marriage, promotions etc. are influenced by different dashas of planets in horoscope.

Dashas are also called Transits and is used to forecasts upcoming changes in personal and professional life. Jyotish Secrets

How Remedies and Suggestions are given in Jyotish/astrology:

Jyotish suggests remedies like gemstones, rituals, or charitable acts to mitigate adverse planetary influences and enhance positivity. Before suggestion, an astrologer analyze the birth chart minutely. So it is necessary to not make hurry at the time of birth chart analysis.

The mysteries of Jyotish open doors to profound self-discovery and understanding the cosmic dance influencing human lives. Embracing its insights empowers individuals to navigate life’s complexities with clarity and purpose.

Secrets of jyotish are not only used in predicting life but for self awareness, spiritual growth, personality development etc. Astrology is equally beneficial for children, adolescence, adults, senior citizens, jobbers, house wives, businessmen, service provider and sportsmen.

Jyotish is not related with any specific religion and so it is helpful for Hindu, Muslims, shikh, Christians, parsi etc.


Q1. Is Jyotish astrology different from Western astrology?

   Jyotish follows Vedic principles, while Western astrology has its foundations in Greek and Roman traditions. Both systems use planetary positions but differ in techniques and interpretations.

Q2. Can Jyotish predict exact events in life?

   Jyotish offers insights into possible trends and influences but doesn’t guarantee precise events. It guides rather than dictates life occurrences.

Q3. How often should one consult a Jyotish astrologer?

   The frequency of consultations depends on personal preferences. Some seek updates annually, while others consult during significant life phases.

Q4. Are Jyotish remedies effective?

   Remedies suggested in Jyotish vary and are believed to harmonize energies. Their effectiveness might vary from person to person.

Q5. Is Jyotish limited to predictions, or does it offer guidance for personal growth?

   Beyond predictions, Jyotish fosters self-awareness and aids in making conscious life choices, contributing to personal growth.

Jyotish secrets for best astrology services online, What is vedic jyotish, Contribution of Vedas and rishi munis, Core Principles of Astrology in Jyotish, Key Components of a Birth Chart, how predictions are made?.

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