Marriage Astrology Predictions

Marriage astrology predictions, Love or Arranged Marriage, Time of Marriage, how will be the life partner as per natal chart. 

Marriage calculation is very important for those who are curious about their next phase of life i.e. personal family life. The analysis of birth chart for marriage is necessary when anyone not get life partner on time, when anyone is facing breakups regularly, when anyone is facing divorce issue. 

  • So if there is delay in marriage,
  • If there is no calls for marriage,
  • If obstacles are coming when talking about life partner,

If anyone couple is facing problems in married life then it is necessary to go for birth chart analysis so as to know the causes of unhappiness in life, reasons of delay in marriage, ways to make life positive. 

marriage astrology predictions

विवाह भविष्यवाणी 

One can take the astrologer help by sending the following details:

Name, Date of birth, place of birth, time of birth.

To know the reasons of unhappy married life it is necessary to send the details of both Husband and Wife. 

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Marriage Astrology Predictions: How Marriage Calculation Help anyone?

While doing marriage calculation, astrologer try to find out the best probable dates of getting life partner, nature of life partner, various planetary influence affecting marriage life, after married life predictions etc. 

During making reading for Marriage, astrologer check whether a native is destined to marry or not, is there any divorce or separation chances, how to minimize the malefic impacts of planets so as to make the marriage life wonderful. 

The marriage calculation also helps to know about the durability of relationship, chances of love marriage or arrange marriage, Success rate in love marriage or arrange marriage. 

Marriage Astrology Predictions: Astrology Reading About 2nd Marriage

Some important Questions Related to Marriage astrology are:

  • Is it possible to marry to my crush?
  • What is the best time to talk with parents for love marriage? 
  • How my life partner will be? 
  • Is there any chance of love marriage?
  • Will I get supporting life partner?
  • What will be the progeny status after marriage?
  • Financial stability after marriage etc.

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Marriage Astrology Predictions: What if anyone don’t have Time of birth?

In this case the chart is made by using the Date of birth and Question Time, So not to worry. If you are eager to know about your life partner or marriage time then you can contact for HOROSCOPE READING. 

Here through, clients get the guidance based on minute analysis of Natal chart as well as needed Divisional charts. 

Get the best reading for the most important aspect of life. Check the Marriage Compatibility based on Natal Chart.

Widow Marriage and Astrology

Get Perfect Analysis of Kuja Dosha/Mangal Dosha/Bhaum Dosha:

There are many persons who are suffering from Mangalik Dosha and are facing delay in marriage, There are many couples who are unknowingly facing problems in personal life due to Kuja Dosha and so it is necessary to analyse birth chart minutely so as to know the exact reasons of problems. 

It must be noted that Kuja dosha or mangal dosha is not problematic every time, the degree, the state of planet is studied to know the exact impacts of planet. So don’t take any decision in hurry. 

Marriage Astrology Predictions

Marriage is a very important decision and 1 step in hurry will take you to a life of hell.  Take the best possible steps to take best decision in life to live a happy and fruitful life with life partner. 

Which Houses are mostly analyzed for Marriage Predictions?

  1. The ascendant i.e. first house in Natal chart is very important because this is related with the native personality, way of thinking, his or her will power etc. 
  2. The 7th house which is related with life partner. 
  3. The 4th house which is related with Happiness in life. 
  4. The 2nd house which is related with overall family life, health of life partner etc.
  5. The 5th house which is related with progeny, love and relationship. 
  6. The 11th house which is related with fulfilling the desires.

While making analysis for marriage, it is necessary to Check these houses and impacts of planets on these houses and connection within these houses. 

For example :

If ascendant is strong and if it is making good relationship with 5th and 7th house then native will definitely take step to make marriage life happy as per desires.

If 7th house is positively connected with 4th house then the person will definitely spend good time with life partner. 

Marriage Astrology Predictions

Why Mars Planets is Studied Minutely Before Marriage?

Mars which is also called Mangal or Kuja or Bhaum is a very powerful planet and is related to will power, anger, courage, vitality, self-confidence, energy etic. So it is necessary to check the state of Mars in both horoscope so as to live a happy and successful life. 

Due to negative impacts of mars the native may face problems related to temper, aggression, dominating nature dissatisfaction, instability etc. 

What is Manglik Dosha In Marriage Predictions?

The presence of Mars in First, Forth, Seventh, Eight, and 12 houses give rise to Manglik Dosha or Kuja Dosha. Some also consider Second house. 

Marriage Astrology Predictions: Reasons for delay in marriage

Marriage Before the age of 30 is said to be timely marriage but after that person face problems in getting a good partner. If the horoscope is good then no doubt person get life partner on time and live a happy life. But in case of DOSHAS IN birth chart native face delay in marriage. 

There may be many reasons of Delay in Marriage like as-

  1. Mangalik Dosha in Horoscope.
  2. Impact of Saturn on Marriage house. 
  3. Any Eclipse yoga in happiness house or marriage house. 
  4. Afflicted Ascendant. 
  5. Problem with Venus planet in Horoscope. 

If you are worrying about your wedding then don’t worry take genuine advise from one of the best astrologer. 

Consult ASTROLOGER FOR Proper Analysis of Birth Chart.

Know Some Basic Nature Before Deciding Life partner Based on Zodiac Signs:

  1. Aries : Aries people are full of energy, creativity so don’t dominate them to live a happy life with them. Think creatively to make them please and to maintain love for long term. 
  2. Taurus : They are sensitive and don’t open easily, they need environment to open up. They are responsible and honest. Give them the true love and in return you will get everything which you want. 
  3. Gemini Marriages: Use the best ways to communicate with them to make them your beloved. Don’t make communication gap with them. Go for amusement time to time.
  4. Cancer: Cancerians want to spend time together, they want to work together with partner, they want to share positive and negative with partner and so if you want long term happy relationship then do behave well with them. 
  5. Leo :Leo Persons are romantic in nature and dominating too, so it is necessary to handle them with care. They are very passionate about their relationship. 
  6. Virgo: Virgo people are very intelligent and know the ins and outs of making relationship so one can enjoy every moments with them. But they are little instable mind and so do different experiments to maintain healthy relationship with them. 
  7. Libra: Libra people want to live a balance life and so think before you want to spend happy life with them. Although they are very romantic within, if anyone understand the psychology of these people then can easily handle them and live a happy life with them. 
  8. Scorpio: Scorpio people are able to intimate with partner at extreme level with whom they love. So be ready to enjoy whole life with them if you have the same energy and desire. But don’t ever try to hurt them otherwise you will repent for whole life. 
  9. Sagittarius: The Sagittarius people are continuous learner and want to enjoy life with a status. They are open minded and like freedom. So don’t dominate them and enjoy life freely. 
  10. Capricorn: Capricorn people are little bit introvert and don’t open easily anywhere, they feel free only in bed room with life partner and so don’t keep much expectation with them. But they are responsible and take every step to keep life partner happy. 
  11. Aquarius : The Aquarius are somehow mysterious in nature and no one can know what is going on in their mind. So spend some time to understand them and then behave accordingly. 
  12. Pisces: Pisces people are intelligent and creative. They have high expectation with their life partner but are not dominating and so be ready to learn and enjoy the life with them. 

Importance of Venus and Jupiter in Marriage Predictions:

While calculating the marriage time of MALE the study of Venus in natal chart and 9D chart is very important and while calculating the Marriage time of FEMALE the study of planet Jupiter in Natal chart and 9D chart is very important. 

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Why is marriage compatibility important as per astrology?

Marriage is a process in which 2 different family, 2 different minds, 2 different person comes together for whole life and so it is necessary to check compatibility. In this Financial stability, sexual satisfaction, nature of person, progeny probability, understanding etc are checked for long term. In Vedic astrology ASHTKUT MILAN is done i.e. 8 things are matched before marriage. Scholars also call it Synastry astrology.

So always do compatibility match before marriage by consulting an experienced astrologer. 

What to do if compatibility match is low whom you LOVE?

If you love anyone and want to live with him or her in any case then there is nothing to say more. Just Go one But take some advise from an experienced astrologer to minimize the impacts of malefic planets and yoga if present in Horoscope which will help to live a happy life. 

Marriage astrology predictions, Reasons of Delay in Marriage, Love or Arranged Marriage, Time of Marriage, how will be the life partner as per natal chart. 

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