When will Saturn Retrograde and its Impact

When will Saturn Retrograde in 2023,  Impact of Retrograde  shani, शनि वक्री कब होंगे, what will be the effect on people, remedies for inauspicious Saturn.

According to Vedic astrology, Shani is the planet that gives the fruits of actions, Saturn is the planet that gives the power of hard work and honesty. At present Shani is present in its own sign Aquarius in the transit horoscope and from 17th June at approx. 10:57 PM it will become RETROGRADE in its own sign and will remain retrograde till November 4, 2023. In some almanacs, there is a mention of 18th date.

Important incidents will happen due to Retrograde Saturn’s.  According to the position of Saturn in the birth chart, its result will be seen in life.

Saturn’s movement is the slowest, that’s why its effect is also visible deep and long in life. With the influence of Shani, the native gets the strength to face challenges and obstacles in life.

SATURN is the lord of Aquarius and Capricorn in the birth chart. It is DEBILITATED in Aries and EXALTED in Libra.

When will Saturn Retrograde in 2023,  Impact of Retrograde  shani, शनि वक्री कब होंगे, what will be the effect on people, inauspicious Shani solution
When will Saturn Retrograde and its Impact

पढ़िए हिंदी में शनि वक्री कब होंगे जून २०२३ में

Shani Dev looks at the third, seventh and tenth house from the house in which it is present, that means maximum effect of Shani will be seen in these houses.

Whenever Saturn gets retrogrades, big changes are seen in the life of the people, in the environment, that is why astrology lovers keep an eye on the movements of Shani.

Retrograde Saturn is not considered auspicious and in such a situation major changes are seen in life. People may have to face big ups and downs in their job, business, married life. Some people may have to get involved in legal matters etc.

Saturn is also related to bones, joints and teeth.

With the grace of Shani, spiritual development also happens very fast.

Let us know what can be the effect of retrograde Saturn in the life of 12 zodiac signs?

Aries Sign:

Due to retrograde Saturn in Aquarius on June 17, there can be major changes in the sources of income of the people of Aries. You will get success but you will have to work harder than before. You may also have to go through additional responsibilities due to which you may remain under stress. Disharmony with children can increase, rapid changes in health can be seen.

However, you do not need to panic at all because as much as your work expansion and profits will also increase and its effect will be visible for a long time. Those who want a change in job, their way will now open.

The distance between the lovers of Aries can increase, so don’t let misunderstandings arise.

Taurus Sign:

Due to retrograde Saturn in Aquarius on June 17, the busyness of the people of Taurus will increase a lot. There will be chances to go on trips. Along with this, there can be big changes in work and job, transfers can happen. Expenses will increase in family, there will be expenses in maintenance of house and vehicle, tension with life partner may increase. With the increase in responsibility, promotion can also happen.

Gemini Sign:

Due to Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius on June 17, Gemini people can go on pilgrimages, can be busy in social service works. Now it will take time to get the expected result, so be patient. If you want to get the ancestral property, then do not proceed now, otherwise the dispute may increase. The mind can remain restless due to family discord. It will be good if you stay away from unethical activities, otherwise you can get trapped in a big problem.

Cancer sign :

On June 17, due to Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius, people with Cancer will need to be very careful, there can be ups and downs in health, disputes can increase a lot, people who work in the stock market or speculative market They may suffer a great loss. There can be concern about the health of the child. There will be some such changes in the life of the people of Cancer, for which you will not be ready, so keep yourself prepare for every situation till the coming November. Tension may increase with the in-laws side. Big ups and downs can also be seen in the life partner’s health.

Leo Sign:

Due to retrograde Saturn in Aquarius on June 17, people of Leo zodiac will get support of friends, life partner, close ones to implement new plans, contact with new people will increase, but be careful because you will find devils in the guise of sages . Will try to take full advantage of you.

Tension will increase with your life partner, a period of misunderstanding will begin, you may become a victim of social superstitions, you may have to spend money in religion and social work even if you don’t want to. People of Leo zodiac should complete the legal procedures before doing any kind of transaction, do not trust blindly on anyone. Be careful while driving. Control your anger and impulse.

Virgo Sign:

On June 17, due to Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius, the people of Virgo should stay away from immoral activities, do not get into any debate, do whatever steps you can to keep yourself healthy. Relations with siblings can get sour, don’t lend to anyone, otherwise there will be trouble in getting it back. Suddenly there can be chances of going on a big trip. Keep in touch with good people, then you will be able to avoid big troubles.

Libra sign:

Due to Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius on June 17, people of Libra zodiac may face problems in education, relationship with lover may deteriorate, if you work in share market or speculative market, then do not take any decision in hurry  and excitement otherwise there can be big loss. If you do any work in partnership, then don’t let any misunderstanding arise at all. Be careful with your spouse as well. There can be big changes in the job, along with new responsibilities, chances of promotion will also be made.

Scorpio Sign:

Due to retrograde Saturn in Aquarius on June 17, Scorpio natives may have to spend time and money in resolving family disputes. Maintenance of house and vehicle can cost a lot of money. Enemies can dominate. You can get entangled in legal matters, so keep in mind, if you stay away from unethical activities and wrong associations, you will be saved from many problems. Additional responsibilities may increase on those who are in the job. Control your anger and show patience and calmness in taking any decision, then you will get success.

Sagittarius Sign:

Due to retrograde Saturn in Aquarius on June 17, you can spend more time in the work of religion and social service. You can be busy in learning something new, which will benefit you in the coming times. With the increase in might, you can proceed to do risky tasks. People who work online may have to face a lot of ups and downs now. There will be chances of going on short trips with the family. The lovers of Sagittarius may have to face trouble due to misunderstandings.

Capricorn :

Due to the retrograde Saturn in Aquarius on June 17, the people of Capricorn should try their best to avoid debate. There can be problems related to eyes. However, the chances of increasing your savings will also be good. You can make any investment for a long time. There can be chances of transfer along with promotion to the employed. There can be concern about the health of the parents. Suddenly there will be chances of getting some very good news in life.

Aquarius Sign:

Due to the retrograde Saturn in Aquarius on June 17, there will be a delay in the works of the people of Aquarius. Anger, anxiety can increase regarding any subject. Employed people can be promoted and responsibilities will also increase. You may have to go on short trips for work. Misunderstandings can arise with friends and life partner, so be careful, but your work will also be completed with their cooperation.

Pisces Sign:

Due to Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius on June 17, the expenses of Pisces people will increase, investment will be made for a long time. Interest in the works of religion and social service will increase. Time will be auspicious for those who want to find a job abroad. Now you also have to be careful while driving and traveling. Eat good and fresh only, avoid oily things. If you want mental peace, then stay away from any kind of debate. There may be problems related to the eyes, there may be pain in the head again and again.

So in this way, we have come to know that what will be the impact of retrograde saturn on 12 zodiacs signs people. 

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Now let us know what measures should be taken for inauspicious Shani?

  1. Can recite Shani Chalisa.
  2. You can recite Shani Kavach.
  3. Can recite Hanuman chalisa.
  4. Peepal tree can be worshiped on Saturday.
  5. You can donate shoes and slippers to the needy on Saturday.
  6. Mustard oil lamp can be lit.
  7. Can anoint Shani Dev with oil.
  8. Shani shanti pooja is beneficial.
  9. Recite shani gayatri mantra.

May Everyone get Peace, prosperity and healthy life.

|| Jai Shani Dev ||

When will Saturn Retrograde in 2023,  Impact of Retrograde  shani, शनि वक्री कब होंगे, what will be the effect on people, remedies for inauspicious Saturn.

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