When is Shani Pradosh Vrat

When is Shani Pradosh Vrat, what to do on shani pradosh, Benefits of worship on SHANI PRADOSH.

Shani Pradosh is an auspicious day to worship Lord Shiva and Shani Dev.

Pradosh Vrat is a Hindu fast observed on the 13th day (tithi) of a lunar month, when it falls on a Saturday it is called Shani Pradosh. This fast is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Shani Dev and it is believed that worshiping on this day brings health and prosperity.

15 July 2023 is the miraculous day of Shani Pradosh.

The word “Pradosh” means “twilight/गोधुली बेला “, and hence the main worship of this day is performed at twilight. The rituals of Shani Pradosh Vrat include bathing, cleaning the temple area, worshiping Lord Shiva and Shani Dev, chanting mantras. and concluding with an aarti. Devotees can also visit a temple, light a lamp under a Peepal tree and break their fast with sattvic food.

When is Shani Pradosh Vrat, what to do on shani pradosh, Benefits of worship on SHANI PRADOSH.
When is Shani Pradosh Vrat

Shani Pradosh Vrat is considered especially auspicious for those who are facing the negative effects of Shani Dev. Shani Dev is the planet Saturn, and is often associated with obstacles, delays and misfortunes. However, he is also a justice lover and merciful deity, and those who worship him with devotion are blessed by him.

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The most special thing about Shani Pradosh is that by worshiping on this day, attract blessings of lord shiva with Shani Dev.. Lord Shiva is the supreme deity in the Hindu pantheon, and is worshiped for strength, wisdom and compassion. He is the destroyer of evil, and is said to be very easily pleased.

By observing Shani Pradosh Vrat, devotees can get the blessings of both Lord Shiva and Shani Dev. This leads to a better life free from obstacles and misfortune.

Here are some of the benefits of observing Shani Pradosh Vrat:

  1. It brings blessings of good health, prosperity and longevity.
  2. It helps in removing the negative effects of Shani Dev.
  3. This gives mental peace and happiness.
  4. People on whom Shani Sade Sati is going on, they should do special worship on this day.
  5. It helps in improving one’s spiritual life.
  6. If you are looking for an auspicious day to worship Lord Shiva and Lord Shani, then Shani Pradosh Vrat is the perfect day for you. By observing this fast faithfully, you can receive the blessings of these two powerful deities and improve your life in many ways.

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Here are some things you can do to prepare for Shani Pradosh Vrat:

  • Clean your home and temple area.
  • Collect all necessary items for worship like Shivling, photo of Shani Dev, belpatra, flowers, incense sticks, mustard oil, fruits, flowers, sweets etc.
  • Keep the mantras of Shani Dev and Shivji with you which you will chant during worship.

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Here are some things that you should avoid doing on Shani Pradosh Vrat:

  1. Eating non-vegetarian food
  2. Consuming alcohol or tobacco.
  3. Engaging in sexual activities.
  4. lying or cheating.
  5. Cursing or abusing others.

So in this article we have come to know everything about Shani Pradosh and you will be able to take full advantage of this day.

If you have any question, then you can ask in the comment box.

When is Shani Pradosh Vrat, what to do on shani pradosh, Benefits of worship on SHANI PRADOSH.

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