When is pitru moksha amavasya

Date of Pitru moksh amavasya in 2023, Significance of sarwapitru amavasya, what to do on last day of shraadh paksh, how planets will help to make life successful, Remedies to make life hurdle-free. 

Shraadh paksh or pitru paksh is the special 16 days which comes ones in a year as per hindu calendar, in these sixteen days, hindus offer special prayers to please ancestors, to uplift ancestors, to remove pitru dosha, to remove impact of negative energies. 

The last day of Pitru paksh is very popular and important, this is the day of PITRU MOKSH AMAVASYA. 

Date of Pitru Moksh Amavasya:

In the year 2023 Shraadh amavasya is on 14th of October saturday.

Date of Pitru moksh amavasya in 2022, Significance of sarwapitru amavasya, what to do on last day of shraadh paksh
When is pitru moksha amavasya

हिंदी में पढ़िए पितृ मोक्ष अमावस्या का महत्त्व

Now let’s know the Significance of Pitru Moksh Amvasya Day As per Astrology:

We all are here because of our ancestors and so it is our duty to pay homage to our ancestors. The 16 days of shraadh paksh are very important for everyone to perform rituals for Pitru but if anyone is not able to use the 15 days then it is good to perform rituals like shraadh, tarpan, pind daan, brahaman bhoj on the SARWAPITRU AMAVASYA DAY.

  • When we perform rituals and prayers for our ancestors then we get blessings from them and our life become wonderful. 
  • Pitru moksh amavasya is the day when we can do rituals for the salvation of any soul.
  • If any one don’t know the tithi or day of death of any ancestor then it is good to perform the rituals on sarwa pitra moksh amavasya day. 
  • This is the best day to over come from pitru shraap i.e. ancestor curse. 

Pitru paksh is also called Mahalaya in some parts of country and the amavasya of pitra paksh is also called “Mahalaya amavasya”.

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Astrology Importance of Pitru Moksh Amavasya:

In astrology it is said that if there is pitru dosha in kundli then the person faces lots of problems in life and so to minimize the impacts of this it is good to worship ancestors and ask them to help.

  • If there is grahan yoga in kundli.
  • If there is pitru dosha in kundli.
  • If there is kalsarp yoga in kundli.
  • If Sun and Moon are malefic or debilitated in kundli then one can do special pooja on sarwapitru moksh amavasya and make there life hurdle free. 
  • If Rahu is also creating problems then also one can perform pooja on Pitru paksh Amavasya.
  • If shani is also creating problems then also this day is good to perform shanti puja. 
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Planetary Positions in Transit Horoscope on 14th of October 2023 as per astrology:

  • Sun and mercury will remain together and form BUDHADITYA RAJYOG which is very good for everyone. 
  • Saturn will remain in its own sign capricorn which will help everyone to perform rituals to overcome from different doshas in kundli. 
  • Moon will be positive in transit horoscope  which is very good. 
  • Jupiter will remain in it’s friendly zodiac sign which is very good. 
  • Ketu will remain positive which is very good. 
  • Mercury will be exalted in transit kundli which will support everyone.

So 6 planet will generate positive energies on the auspicicous day of Pitru moksh amavasya. 


What rituals can be performed on Sarwapitru Moksh Amavasya?

  1. One can do pind dana on mahalaya amavasya. 
  2. One can do tarpan for the peace of souls on pitru moksh amavasya. This process is very beneficial to attract the blessings of ancestors and brings health, wealth and success in life. 
  3. One can do special hawan and pray to the divine powers to make there ancestors free from every sufferings.
  4. One can donate food, cloths, money to needy in the name of ancestors on sarwapitru moksh amavasya.
  5. Do the panchbali process that give food to dog, crow, cow,  ants and divine energies.
  6. Do give gifts to senior members in family, senior citizens and take blessings on sarwapitru amavasya.
  7. If anyone is suffering from very big problem then do worship any peepal tree present in cremation ground and offer deepak and bhog under tree and take 8 round of it and pray for protection and good life. 
  8. One can also perform rudrabhishek pooja on this day for ancestors. 
  9. Do give dhoop of saffron on south-west corner in vastu. 
  10. Black magic removal pooja is also possible on this day.

So don’t miss the SARWAPITRU MOKSH AMAVASYA if you really want to overcome from the problems of life, worship ancestors, do donate, do make tarpan heartily and pray for a healthy and prosperous life. You will definitely get some benefits from the rituals which you do in pitru paksh or mahalaya amavasya. 

May everyone get blessings of ancestors

Date of Pitru moksh amavasya in 2023, Significance of sarwapitru amavasya, what to do on last day of shraadh paksh, how planets will help to make life successful, Remedies to make life hurdle-free. 

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