What is the story of Narak chaturdashi a day before diwali

Why celebrate Narak Chaudas a day before Diwali, the story of Narak Chaudas, नरक चौदस की कथा क्या है .

In reality Deepawali is a bunch of 5 festivals, the first is Dhanteras, the second is Narak chaudas, the third is Diwali, the fourth is Govardhan Puja and the fifth is Bhai Doj.

In this article we will know why Narak Chaudas is celebrated a day before Diwali, what is the belief behind it, what is the mythology behind celebrating Narak chaturdashi?.

What is the story of Narak chaturdashi a day before diwali, the story of Narak Chaudas, नरक चौदस की कथा क्या है .
What is the story of Narak chaturdashi a day before diwali

Story of Narak chaudas/नरक चौदस की कथा  :

It is believed that donating a lamp on Narak Chaturdashi protects from premature death and gets freedom from sins as well as bring good fortune.

Narak chaudas is also called Choti Deepawali and on this day in the evening a lamp is donated in the name of Yamraj i.e. the god of death.

हिंदी में पढ़िए नरक चौदस की कथा क्यों लगाते हैं दिए इस दिन 

Let’s know the mythology and beliefs about Narak chaudas:

  1. The first belief is that on the fourteenth of the month of Kartik krishn paksh, Shri Krishna had killed a tyrannical and wicked demon named Narakasura and freed sixteen thousand and one hundred girls from the prison house of Narakasura and gave them respect.
  2. Another belief regarding Narak chaudas is that in ancient times a godly king named Ranti Dev had attained Vishnu Lok by fasting on the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month.
  3. The third belief about Narak chaudas is that on the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month, King Bali was blessed by Lord Vishnu to reach him every year in Vamana avatar.

Let us know the 3 mythological stories of Narak Chaturdashi in detail:

The first story of Narak Chaturdashi:

Once upon a time, being disturbed by the terror of the demon king Bhaumasur (Narkasur) of Pragjyotishpur, the king of heaven, Lord Indra came to Shri Krishna and prayed for protection and told him how the demon king Bhaumasur (Narkasur) took Varun’s umbrella, Aditi’s kundal and the gems of the deities are snatched away and she has become victorious in Trilok. Narakasura has kidnapped the beautiful daughters of many kings and common people of the earth and kept them in his prison.

Bhaumasur was cursed to die at the hands of the woman, so Shri Krishna took his beloved wife Satyabhama along and set out on Garuda to kill Narakasura.

After reaching Pragjyotishpur, Shri Krishna first killed the six sons of Mur including the demon Mur – Tamra, Space, Shravan, Vibhavasu, Nabhaswan and Arun.

Bhaumasur was cursed to die at the hands of a woman, so Lord Krishna made his wife Satyabhama the charioteer and after a fierce battle, Krishna finally killed her with the help of Satyabhama. In this way, after killing Bhaumasura, Shri Krishna made his son Bhagadatta the king of Pragjyotish.

Shri Krishna killed Narakasura on the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month and freed about 16 thousand women from the captivity of Bhaumasur. In this joy, the festival is celebrated by lighting a lamp.

Second story of Narak Chaturdashi:

From the period of Kartik Krishna Trayodashi to Amavasya, Vasudev had measured the entire earth present with Mahabali King Bali in the form of Vamana, then King Bali said to Shri Krishna that the person who will donate a lamp for Yamraj on the day of Chaturdashi in my kingdom, he should should not be tortured by yamraj and the person who celebrates the festival of Deepawali during these three days, Lakshmiji should never leave his house. Give such a boon. Hearing this prayer, Lord Vamana said – Tathastu ! It will be so. Since then, lamps are donated on Teras, Chaudas and Amavasya of Kartik Krishna Paksha.

The third story of Narak Chaturdashi:

The third story of Narak Chaturdashi is that of a godly king Ranti Dev. The king earned a lot of merit in his whole life, but after death the Yamdoot started taking him to hell, then the king asked the reason. The yamdoot told that a brahmin had returned hungry from his door, because of this sinful act you are being taken to hell. Hearing this, the king asked the yamdoot for one year’s time. Then the yamdut gave the king one year’s grace. The king with his concern reached the sages and asked for a way to get rid of this sin.

Then the sage told them to fast on Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month and offer food to Brahmins and apologize for the crimes against them. The king did the same and was freed from sin and got a place in Vishnu Lok. From that day onwards fasting on Kartik Chaturdashi day is prevalent in earth for freedom from sin and hell.

In this way, there are 3 important stories about Narak Chaudas, which by listening and narrating also one gets good fortune, one gets rid of misfortune, one gets rid of diseases. By the grace of Lord Vishnu, Mother Lakshmi brings happiness and prosperity in life.

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Why celebrate Narak Chaudas a day before Diwali, the story of Narak Chaudas, नरक चौदस की कथा क्या है .

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