What is Panchratri Vrat: Unlock the Secrets

Panchratr Vrat 2023: Know when and how to observe this fast? What is the greatness of Panchratri fast?|

Fasting in various ways is a powerful way of purifying the body, mind and soul in Hinduism. “Pancharatri Vrat” is one of the austere Vrats that helps to attract the blessings of divine energies and lead a successful material life as well as open the way to liberation after death.

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Panchratr Vrat 2023: Know when and how to observe this fast? What is the greatness of Panchratri fast?|
What is Panchratri Vrat: Unlock the Secrets

## Importance of Panchratri fast

Pancharatri Vrat, also known as Pancharatra fasting, is a pious practice observed by devout Hindus. In this, fasting is done for 5 days to purify the body, mind and soul. This fast is not just a fasting ritual; It is a powerful method for spiritual growth and self-purification.
Fasting is accompanied by intense prayer, meditation and recitation of sacred texts. The fast also includes acts of charity and selfless service, which promote a sense of empathy and compassion.
A very mysterious fast starts from Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Purushottam month, which is of 5 days, hence it is known as Pancharatri Vrat / Pancharatra Vrat. This is a difficult fast, but whoever does it gets the fruits of fasting for the entire Purushottam month.
According to the information, this fast of 5 days is waterless and fruits are eaten for 1 time. In this, Lord Vishnu is worshiped and Lord’s Charanamrit is taken as Prasad.
Lord Kuber also observed this fast and after receiving the grace of Vishnu became the god of wealth.

When will Panchratri Vrat start in 2023?

This fast is observed in the last 5 days of Purushottam month. This year, this fast will start from August 12, Saturday and will end on August 16, Wednesday, Amavasya.

How to do Puja during Pancharatri fast?

To perform this powerful and life-changing fast, we can keep in mind the following points –
  1. On the first day i.e. on the day of Kamla Ekadashi, in the morning, after getting free from daily routine do sit before the idol or photo of lord vishnu and take a vow to observe the Pancharatri fast, face towards east direction.
  2. After this worship Lord Vishnu as per your capacity and chant Vishnu Sahastranam.
  3. Worship has to be done in this way everyday for the whole five days.
  4. For five days of Panchratri Vrat, fast only by taking Charanamrit of God. And those who cannot do this can eat fruits. Meditate on God continuously for five days.
  5. On the day of Amavasya i.e. on the fifth day of the fast, get Brahmins feast and satisfy them by giving Dakshina, clothes, etc. according to your ability, take blessings.
  6. You can eat only after the satisfaction of the Brahmin.

Note: People who are weak or suffering from any disease should not observe this fast.

What are the things to be kept in mind during Pancharatri fast:

  • Follow the purity completely.
  • Follow celibacy.
  • Don’t do violence.
  • If possible, remain silent and meditate only on Shri Hari.
  • Believe that Lord Vishnu is present everywhere and in everything. 
  • Try to chant mantra and bhajan whole day and night for 5 days and nights.
  • Stay away from addictions during this fast and lead a virtuous life. Don’t lie and avoid blasphemy.

What are the benefits of observing Panchratri fast?

  • The person gets wealth and prosperity.
  • All his sins are destroyed.
  • After enjoying all the pleasures of this world, the person attains Vaikuntha Dham after death.
  • There is spiritual progress of the person who observes the fast.
  • Purity increases physically and mentally.
  • This fast strengthens the will power and at the same time inspires to lead a disciplined life.
By observing this fast, Kuber ji got the special grace of Lord Vishnu and he got a special position.

Let us now know the Parma Ekadashi/Kamla Ekadashi fast story:

According to legend, when Arjuna asked Shri Krishna about Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Adhik month, Lord Shri Krishna said to Arjuna, O Arjuna! Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Adhik month is very auspicious and gives best results. This fast keeps the importance both in heaven and on earth. Further, Lord Shri Krishna told Arjuna the importance of fasting on Kamala Ekadashi and narrated the fasting story.
It is a matter of very ancient times, there was a very beautiful city named Kampilya. In that city, a very pious and godly Brahmin lived with his wife. The name of that Brahmin was Sumedha. Sumedha’s wife was also a service-oriented and virtuous woman. Sumedha’s financial condition was not good, but still he does not let any beggar who comes to his house go empty handed. He used to show respect to the guest who came to his house as much as possible.
With a desire to overcome the lack of money in his life, one day Sumedha told his wife that he wanted to go abroad to earn money, so that he could meet the needs of his family. Then his wife explained to him that man never gets before time and more than his destiny. No matter where you go abroad, we cannot get more than our luck. This poverty is the result of the deeds of our previous births. You stay here and keep doing your work. Everything will be fine by the grace of the Lord.
Sumedha was very impressed by hearing such wise words from his wife and changed his decision to go abroad. Fortunately one day Kaundilya Rishi arrived at his house. He was very happy to see Kaundilya Rishi at his home. They respected him a lot.
Kaundilya Rishi was very pleased with his hospitality and service. He asked them to ask for something. So that Brahmin couple asked the sage the solution to remove their poverty. So Kaundilya Rishi asked him to fast on Kamala Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha in the Purushottam Month. Explaining the method of fasting, Rishi Kaundilya said that you both husband and wife should observe Kamla Ekadashi fast. On the day of Ekadashi, in the morning, after taking bath sit in front of the idol of Lord Vishnu and take a vow of fasting, . After this, worship Lord Vishnu according to the rules and regulations.
Feed the Brahmin and satisfy him by giving him as much Dakshina as possible. After that, eat fruits yourself. Spend time doing bhajan kirtan at night. Explaining the greatness of Parma Ekadashi, Rishi Kaundilya said that by fasting on this Ekadashi, the person gets wealth and prosperity. All his sins are destroyed. After enjoying all the pleasures of this world, the person attains Vaikuntha Dham in the end. By observing this fast, Kuber became wealthy by getting the grace of God.
Sumedha and his wife were very hopeful after listening to the words of Kaundilya Rishi and on Kamla Ekadashi, Sumedha kept a fast with his wife and followed it with complete rituals. With the effect of this fast, all the troubles of his life were destroyed. His poverty went away and he had no shortage of money and grains. After enjoying all the worldly pleasures, both of them went to Vaikuntha Dham in their last days.
Lord Shri Krishna said to Arjuna, O Arjuna! Whoever observes the fast of Parama Ekadashi according to the rules and regulations, he will definitely be blessed.
Panchratr Vrat 2023: Know when and how to observe this fast? What is the greatness of Panchratri fast?|

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