What is Black Magic

What is Black magic, what are the symptoms of black magic attack, how dark energies ruin our life?, what are the ways to overcome from it, remedies of black magic.

This article is for information purpose regarding misuse of supernatural powers. I don’t support the use of this harmful lore.

Introduction of Black Magic:

Have you ever heard about abnormal behavior or a person after visiting any place or at once?, Have you ever heard about any person facing presence of someone, unknown sounds at a particular time, unknown voice at a particular time etc. This types of incidents takes place with the victim of Dark energies.

Dark energies attack is also known as Black magic attack, Kala jadu, voodoo, saitani jadu etc.

Basically it is the misuse of supernatural powers to fulfill wishes anyhow, to harm others intentionally or to take revenge etc.

The practice of invoking evil spirits, demons, and witchcraft powers to fulfill wishes comes under the above category. These types of rituals are generally done by negative minded people to destroy enemies or close ones. Some also use the black magic to destroy business of competitor, to finish the earning sources of someone, to make person physically and mentally weak, in villages, some people use the dark energies rituals to ruin crops, and some use the kala jadu to attract the favorite person forcefully.

What is Black Magic

Black Magic encyclopaedia

Why Some People Use Black Magic?

It is believed that Dark magic process is easy and fulfills wishes easily in comparison to white magic and so some people use this dangerous way without thinking about the impact in long run.

What are the different names of Black magic?

Voodoo,ku, Necromancy, Goety, Bruja, Diablerie, Lamia, Sympathetic magic, Incantation, Gramarye, kala jadu etc are all different names used for dark energy practices in different places in this world. The main similarity in all these practice is the use of evil spirits.

Black Magic In India:

In india/bharat, Mayong is said to be the Center for this lore. Here are scholars of black magic are present and there are various regions where this practice is used mostly like in  Assam, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Varanasi, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, Hyderabad, Odisha, Kerala, Bihar, Maharashtra etc.

What is Black Magic

Why people use Dark Magic?

  • The answer is simple i.e. to fulfill wishes anyhow and it is believed that evil spirits fulfill wishes soon.
  • Some use this to prohibit someone to do some specific work.
  • Some use this lore to make person physically and mentally weak.
  • Many use this to create illusions in life of others so as t make him or her confused.
  • Many people use this to take revenge from others.
  • Some use this to destroy business or earning sources of competitor.
  • Many females are unable to conceive because of dark energies impact.

Note: I don’t encourage the use of Kala jadoo. 

How Black Magic Is Done?

  • Some do this by using spells.
  • Some do this by using the ashes of cremation ground.
  • Some do this by using things of persons like cloth, sleepers, soil.
  • Some do this by making doll and activating it by spells.
  • Some do dark magic by throwing special items like bones, black mustard, shit etc. on special time like No moon night/amavasya, Full Moon Night/poornima, navratris etc.


Do remember that whatever you send in world will definitely return and so never use the supernatural powers to harm anyone.

What is Black magic, what are the symptoms of black magic attack, how dark energies ruin our life?, what are the ways to overcome from it, remedies of black magic.

What happens in black magic?

Now we will know the symptoms of black magic.  When evil energy attacks on anyone’s’ life then person entangled from every directions. The impacts are so mysterious that person is unable to understand the reasons and remedies. That’s why very subtle observation and analysis is needed to know the reasons of mishappenings in life.

  • Due to the impact of kala jadu some people lose their memory and start behaving like a mad.
  • Sudden accidents seen with the family members.
  • At once all the family members enters in danger zone.
  • Sudden health loss seen but doctors are unable to predict the diseases.
  • Heavy business losses are also seen due to the impact of dark magic or black magic or kala jadu.
  • In spite of having capabilities, person is unable to work. Heaviness in mind and body is felt by the victim.
  • One person came in touch with me whose whole family members were gone away in a fire accident in house. In that case they were suffering from sudden fire anywhere in house. These types of cases are too much serious need urgent measures.
  • Some faces night mares i.e. frightening dreams harass the person. While sleeping person see witch, ghost, falling from high, snake bite etc.
  • Some feels the presence of someone always nearby but not seen by physical eyes.
  • Some also faces flying things in houses but it is very severe case.
  • Fear of death surrounds the person.
  • Some get hair regularly in food.
  • Itching and burning sensation all the time or at specific time is also felt by many ones.
  • Chronic headache is felt by many victims of black magic.
  • Sudden violent nature comes out due to negative powers.
  • Medical treatments not work on the person who is suffering from any type of black magic, so it is necessary to go for proper analysis and powerful solutions.

What is Bandhan Dosha?

Some Important symptoms Seen On Boys And Girls Who Are Victims of Vashikaran Black Magic:

  • Boy or girl at once go against the decision of parents.
  • Sometimes it is seen that at once breakup happens between two strongly attached lovers.
  • Some boy or girls become mad for any one due to vashikaran pooja done on him or her.

So the above are some dangerous and mysterious events seen in my life. If you or your any close one is suffering from negative energies then do consult for proper analysis and remedies.

What is abhichar prayog in tantra?

How to Get Rid Of Black Magic?

There are various ways to overcome from the impact of black magic/kala jadu/evil impacts. Some ways are given here for knowledge. It is good to consult an experience astrologer before adopting any way.

  • While at bathing time do put a pinch of salt, Gaumutra/cow urine, basil/tulsi leaves, gangajal in bathing water and then take bath.
  • By arranging a spelled AMULET which will protect from negative energies.
  • By performing Utaras and Poojas by consulting spiritual healer or experienced astrologer.
  • Do Recite Kawach Mantras after consulting astrologer as per your situation.

What is Black magic, what are the symptoms of black magic attack, how dark energies ruin our life?, what are the ways to overcome from it, remedies of black magic.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Black Magic:

Q1. I am victim of black magic, what to do?

Ans. If you are suffering from black magic then first of all do consult astrologer and confirm that whether you are really is victim of black magic or you are suffering because of malefic planets in horoscope.

– Get the minute analysis of horoscope and reality about sufferings.

Q2. My whole body is paining and I have a doubt that it is due to black magic, what to do?

Ans: First of all do consult doctor, if there is any medical issue then take treatment and if not then do take bath with salt and basil water for some days and then do consult Astrologer for guidance, This may be due to black magic or due to starting of transit of any malefic planet, so do discuss your birth chart to know the exact remedies.

– Through proper analysis, you will be able to get the best remedies of your problem.

Q3. I am attracted towards a person, whom I don’t like, Is it a black magic?

Ans. Yes, sometimes Vashikaran is used to attract a person withoug his or her wish. In this case it is necessary to adopt proper remedies, otherwise it disturbs the mind.

– Get Proper remedies and free yourself from any such vashikaran impacts.

Q4. My business is affected because of black magic, what to do?

Ans. If you think that business is affected due to black magic done by competitor or anyone else then do find about any abnormal things, sometimes tantrik items are thrown to ruin your business. If you found it then throw it out. If you don’t find then do consult astrologer for proper analysis of problems and get the best remedies. Do one more thing – make swastik with the hanumanji sindoor at the entrance and also do utara with lemon regularly in business place.

– You can use kawach and utaras to protect your business.

Q5. My Marriage is not happening due to impact of evil eye effects, what to do?

Ans. Sometimes jealous people make use of Vivah Bandh to deprive a person to do marriage, In this case it is necessary to perform rituals to destroy the effects of evil energies.

– Get proper analysis and then make your life better.

Q6. How to know that someone has cast bad spell on me or someone has done black magic on me?

Ans. There are many symptoms which can show that someone has done hex/black magic/kala jadu like as – regularly pain in body and no medical diagnosis, regularly bad dreams, thinking about someone without intension, unable to work in-spite of having proper physical and mental power, suddenly financial loss, sudden death in family, regular accidents, suddenly disturbances in relationship, suddenly become atheist, unable to get pregnant in-spite of having capabilities, etc. If this type of things happen then it is good to consult experienced astrologer for remedies.

– Get proper analysis and then make your life better.

Black magic is a becoming a common problem in these days. Daily I got many mails from the people who are facing too much problems due to the black magic done by rivals. It is one of the negative uses of occult science by the negative minded persons. Black magic not only destroys the main person but also affect the whole family. It is also not possible for the common person to detect that whether he or she is suffering from black magic or any other thing.

Similarly evil eye effects also ruins the life of persons. This is also called the najar dosha. There are some bad people who have very strong power in their eyes and tongue. If they think negative about anyone then also the person faces too much problems in life. So it is also very necessary to protect our self and our family from evil eye effects too.

Mysterious types of incidents takes place with the persons who suffers from black magic like as frightening dreams, chronic diseases, phobia, feelings of someone presence, fire anywhere in the house time to time, hair in the food regularly, heavy business loss suddenly, accidents, unusual death etc.

So it is very necessary to take the right step to protect our self from black magic. Also if anyone is facing any type of dark magic problems then it is good to consult astrologer to save himself or herself.

Life is very important and so if you have any type of doubts that someone will use black magic on you then it is better to take preventive measures such as kawach, siddha yantras, regular kawach paath etc.

Get the best black magic protection from astrologer Om Prakash.

Live a smooth life without any type of disturbances, live a comfortable life, make your life strong with the use of astrology.

Consult now for the best black magic analysis and protection services.

How black magic disturb life?

  • Black Magic is the use of supernatural powers to disturb the life of any person, place of thing for materialistic benefits.
  • Black magic has the power to disturb the physical power as well as mental power of any person.
  • Black magic has the power to interrupt anyone’s life without his or her permission.
  • Black magic equally harms the user and the victim.
  • This is use of energies by using special spells and things in special auspicious time.
  • Black magic is done generally by Negative minded Tantriks who misguides people for some materialistic benefits.
  • Tantriks are able to compel supernatural forces to perform a particular task anyhow.
  • Use of black magic is not at all good for anyone and so must be prohibited.
  • In Kala jadu or black magic use of ghosts and souls are being done by practitioners.
  • Black magic is the root cause of many physical and mental problems in life but lack of knowledge leads people to do so and they regret after sometime.
  • Many things are used in black magic to harm or dominate anyone like as cloth of person, teeth of person, soil of shoes or sleeper, hair of person, photo of person etc.
  • Generally it is seen that black magician do this to show their power or to gain money, property or to destroy enemies.

What are the Remedies of Black Magic:

Before adopting any remedies it is good to take advise from experienced astrologer who can guide you better, properly and completely. For knowledge here are some easy home remedies of black magic.

  • Avoid eating non-veg for some time until the problem exist.
  • Avoid using liquor or drugs of any kind to avoid impact of kala jadu.
  • Start visiting Hanumanji temple at the time of Arti and let the sprinkled water come to you after arti.
  • Do take tulsi leaves and recite mahamrityunjay mantra 108 times and then eat the tulsi leaves. Do this daily for next 40 days.
  • Put some tulsi leaves in bathing water daily.
  • Do sprinkle Cow Urine/gaumutra and ganga jal daily twice at home and affected person.
  • You can also Contact Astrologer For proper analysis of problems and remedies.

By following remedies the impacts will go away gradually and person is able to live normal life again.

What Are the Consequences Of Black Magic

What Are the Consequences of Black Magic, what happens with people who practice kala jadu, voodoo magic, Why not to practice black magic, Difference between black magic and white magic.

In these days many news related to black magic comes to us and there are many people who want to fulfill their wishes any how. Some want to control people, some want to harm enemies, some want to sex with someone, some want promotion in job, some want status in society and so on. There is no limit of expectations in life and when these expectations enter in mind and body and attach with our EGO then person takes every step to fulfill them.

Use of BLACK MAGIC is also the result of this unwanted passion to get success anyhow in desired segment of life. So actually those who are very selfish use black magic to attain the things anyhow in life.


People who use this evil magic or voodoo magic or kala jadoo, magic spells, spells, hex, sorcery, jadoo, jadu, sihr, witchcraft, actually don’t know the consequences and lack of knowledge put them in a dark hole and life become hell after sometime. As an astrologer I get many calls from worldwide in which people ask for protection after using black magic to fulfil their wishes.

It is not good to expect good from evil energies, if anyone take help of negative energies then in long run they also ruin the life of user too.

Black magic, voodoo magic or kala jadoo are done by using the evil spirits and this is a fact that they are themselves not satisfied and so they are wondering in universe and if we take their help then they also need something from us in return, if anyone fulfill their wish then it is ok but if not then user can enter in danger zone which usually happen.

Difference between black magic and white magic:

There is a big difference between black magic and white magic, In black magic we compel energy to perform any task but in white magic we pray to make our life successful, here work happen with blessings and in kala jadoo work happen by using spell power. This is the reason why people using white magic get success without harm.

So consequences of black magic are very dangerous and bitter in long run. So it better to avoid this to live a hurdle free life.

There are many houses, places and things in world which are cursed by evil energies and so are deserted and now no one can stay there for long. Know about Home Remedies To Cure Black Magic.

To use black magic people generally consult Tantrik, black magicians, babas, astrologers who also demand something in return, So actually both user and demander are incomplete and so it is a fact that we can’t expect goodness from any of these.

GOOD ASTROLOGERS don’t put their clients in Dark Zone and so don’t recommend black magic. So consult good and trusted astrologers always and don’t demand black magic.

The Truth Of Destiny:

This is a fact that we all have some destiny and as per that our life moves, In vedic astrology we predict future as per planetary positions in horoscope and take our good remedies which are not harmful.

Use of Black magic is the result of jealousy, anger, hate desire to harm relatives, friends and colleagues.

Symptoms of Black Magic and Possession:

If anyone is facing any of the following then it is good to consult Astrologer, spiritual healer for Protection –

  1. Regular night mare during sleep.
  2. Unwanted chronic disease to members of family.
  3. Accidents of family members regularly.
  4. Strange smell from body suddenly.
  5. Strange harmful events at home.
  6. Changes of color of eyes suddenly for sometime.
  7. Chronic Headache Regularly.
  8. Depression without reason.
  9. Not having child even after having all the qualities.
  10. Regular miscarriage.
  11. Unexplained impotence
  12. Changes in voice suddenly
  13. Suddenly using drugs, alcohol.
  14. Sudden Breakup with beloved.

So above we have read about CONSEQUENCES OF BLACK MAGIC, symptoms of black magic. Always avoid using evil magic or voodoo magic or kala jadoo, magic spells, spells, hex, sorcery, jadoo, jadu, sihr, witchcraft to live a successful life.

If your life is disturbed due to black magic then contact Astrologer for remedies.

Continuous weight loss due to attack of some black energy.

If bad luck is not relieving you then contact astrologer for guidance.

Black Magic Remedies by astrologer Om Prakash, Evil Eye Effects protection ways through ancient Ways, Spell Remedy.

Many types of strange things happens with the victim of black magic like as –

  • Mind gets blocked and the person is unable to think in right direction.
  • Coming out of blood in vomiting.
  • Fire any time, any where in house.
  • Feeling of fear and of some one presence.
  • Frightening dreams also comes due to black magic.
  • Sometimes things start flying in house due to impact of any negative energy.
  • Working person gets unemployed because of negative energies.
  • Family members face accidents.
  • Heaviness in body parts is also felt by some victims.
  • Continuous headache also felt by victims of black magic.
  • Chronic diseases.
  • Abnormal behavior time to time.

Many more strange things also happens due to impact of black magic done by someone. So if it happens then it is better to Contact as soon as possible before it finish our life.

If you are a victim of black magic, if you want perfect and easy solutions of black magic then do contact one of the best astrologer online.

Black magic to fulfill the desires in short period of time is going to be used by negative minded people in these days which is undoubtedly a very dangerous effects on the user and the victims too. It is very unfortunate that some people use this witch craft effects or evil powers to make money. Shaitani powers, devils powers, evil powers are used in black magic, negative energies are used in performing black magic. Here in this article I am going to clear that what are actual symptoms of black magic, how to identify that whether there is an impact of dark energies.

Black magic, also known as dark magic, is the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes. It is often associated with the invocation of demons and other evil spirits, the casting of curses, and the use of magic to harm others.

Black magic has been practiced in many cultures throughout history, and there are a variety of different beliefs and practices associated with it. Some practitioners believe that black magic can be used to gain power, wealth, or revenge, while others believe that it can be used to harm or even kill others.

It can be a source of fear and anxiety for those who believe that they are being targeted by it.

Symptoms of BLACK MAGIC On Professional Life:

  • Victim not get job in spite of having proper education, experiences.
  • Some people lost their jobs without any reason.
  • Victim of kala jadu faces too much hurdles in getting promotion in job in-spite of having all the qualities.
  • Some are not able to get rid of debts even after doing hard work day and night.
  • Not able to perform the task in spite of having all the capabilities.
  • Sudden heavy loss in business also seen.

What is Black magic, what are the symptoms of black magic attack, how dark energies ruin our life?, what are the ways to overcome from it, remedies of black magic.

Now let’s see symptoms of black magic On Personal Life:

  • Quarrel between husband and wife seen due to the impact of negative energies.
  • Breakup in relationship also happen due to attack of dark magic.
  • Lover suddenly divert towards any one else.
  • Conflicts among the members in family takes place.
  • Increase of enemies due to increase in misunderstandings also happen. Read about how to protect relationships from black magic.
  • Partnership enter in danger due to unwanted incidents.
  • Regular accidents happen in spite of having good planetary positions in horoscope.
  • Victim of black magic also pass through memory loss.
  • Person has Frightening dreams which give rise to sleeping problem.
  • Continuous headache also seen in many victims of kala jadu.
  • Abnormal changes in hunger and thirst also seen in many cases.

Now Let’s see some paranormal signs of BLACK MAGIC attack:

  • Victim feels that someone is with him or her always but never see anyone physically.
  • Burning sensation even in winter or in air conditioner.
  • Victim feel very bad smell always or in a specific time.
  • Pain as some one is poking needles on your body.
  • Some people suddenly become habitual of using alcohol or drugs.
  • Good medicines don’t work on victim.
  • Unwanted fear is felt by a person who suffer from black magic.
  • Some face problem of getting hair in meal regularly.
  • Always dreaming of dirty places.
  • Dream of bitten by snake, Scorpio or crow is also felt by many one’s etc.
  • Some face Heaviness in body and mind.
  • Victim of black magic also think to suicide.
  • Personality disorder is also detected in victim of kala jadu.
  • Strange depression without any reason.
  • Problem in speaking.
  • Pets start dying suddenly.

Now let’s see some signs in women:

Some females face problem in period.

  • Sudden intense hair fall is also seen in many ladies.
  • Some start behaving abnormally with husband.
  • Some starts keeping the hair open all the time.
  • Lady face problem in conceiving in-spite of medically fit.
  • Regular breaking of engagement.
  • Sudden problems in love relationships.
  • Some ladies face regular miscarriage.

What is Black magic, what are the symptoms of black magic attack, how dark energies ruin our life?, what are the ways to overcome from it, remedies of black magic.

How To Heal Our self from BLACK MAGIC:

  • Sprinkle holy water on you or spelled water.
  • If you are suffering from black magic and want to take initial steps then start doing the following remedies which will minimize the impacts of evil energies on you –
  • Start visiting any holy places daily like temple, church, dargah etc.
  • Keep your place clean as much as possible.
  • Mix holy water in bathing water and then use it.
  • Stay positive and strong: Black magic is often based on fear and negativity, so it is important to stay positive and strong in the face of it.
  • Seek spiritual guidance: If you are religious, you may want to seek spiritual guidance from a trusted ASTROLOGER.
  • Use protective symbols: There are a number of protective symbols that can be used to ward off black magic. These include the pentagram, Swastik, Trishul etc.
  • Believe in yourself: The most important thing is to believe in yourself and your ability to overcome any challenges that come your way.

Black magic or kala jadu is done to dominate some one, Black magic is done to destroy someone completely, black magic is done to destroy the married life of some one, black magic is done to embarrass some one.

Very dangerous and paranormal activities are seen with the person who is suffering from black magic. So beware and safe your self from any type of evil energies.

If you are experiencing negative or harmful effects that you believe may be caused by black magic, it is important to seek professional help. A therapist or counselor can help you to understand what you are going through and develop strategies for coping with it.

Preventive Measures By Astrologer

Black magic is done by the evil spirits and thus it creates too much problems in life. No one knows that when dark or negative energy will disturb the life. So it is better to take precautions.

It is said that “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”. So if we follow some important tips than no doubts we are able to minimize the possibilities of kala jadu on us. So here I am going to clear some important tips which will help you to keep you away from black energies. Although in this digital age it sounds odd that there is an existence of kalajadu in this world. But as an astrologer I deal with many cases in routine life which has confirmed the existence of this bad powers.

Do you Know Which Items Are Used In Black Magic?

If not than here I am providing some important items which are used in performing this evil practices.

  1. Dolls of wax, grass and of other material and this is used to perform putla tantra.
  2. Soil of feet is also used in vashikaran process.
  3. Cloth of person.
  4. Lemon is also used to harm other.
  5. Nails are also used mostly in harming process.
  6. Wine, liquer, betel is also used widely.
  7. Photos.
  8. Hair, coconut, turmeric or haldi, pins, needles, bones, ash, coal etc are also used to perform black magic.
  9. Black Pepper and chilies are also used for evil practices.

I have cleared above some important things which are commonly used in doing the dark magic so that you can be careful if any in auspicious things is happening.

One Memorable Case(case study):

Before some time I got a call from Bangalore, the person was talking in a phobia and saying that he is facing accidents regularly and it seems that someone want to kill him. I asked him to send the birth details and photo. After analysis I have found that Rahu was malefic in his kundli and currently in mahadasha, anatardasha and even in pratyantar also rahu was going. After proper discussion and analysis we came to conclusion that it was a case of black magic.

I told him that do you face problem in a specific time. I also asked him to probe into past time and found the incidents when he was facing problem and how. After sometime he called me and cleared that when he got a call from a specific person, soon after that he was facing problems of different kind and it is happening for the last 1 year.

Many types of treatments was taken by him but only temporary relief was there. So I told him to perform special utara and then kawach is given to him. This is not enough. He was stunned when again he got a call and he lost his kawach and again he faced health problem.

Again analysis done and then another stronger kawach was made systematically for him and hand-overed to him and to members of his family. After that every thing came in control.

So no body knows who is creating problem and why. So deep analysis and observation is needed to find the exact reasons and remedies.

One Important Thing is that Black Magic is not done by any anonymous but in research it is found that only nearby person perform this to fulfill any desired wish which is not possible normally.

Preventive Measures To Keep Ours elf Safe and Secure From Negative Energies:

  • Don’t share any very personal information with any one even to your close friends and relatives.
  • Don’t eat any thing specially non veg on no moon day and night.
  • Don’t during with any unreliable person and also avoid it on amavasya, pitra paksh and navaratra.
  • If you have a little doubt of any negativity around you than do utara with lemon and also use dot of hanumanji sindoor.
  • Don’t visit prostitutes in any case.
  • Don’t showoff your success.

If you think that you are suffering from negative energy then do consult an experienced astrologer for remedies.

Contact For Guidance

Read about Effects and Remedies of black magic in detail.

What is Black magic, what are the symptoms of black magic attack, how dark energies ruin our life?, what are the ways to overcome from it, remedies of black magic.

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