What is Abhichar Prayog in Tantra

What is abhichaar in Tantra, how to protect ourselves?, Tantra, Abhichaar, Negative energy attack symptoms, know some easy measures for protection.

Be careful that you are not suffering from some invisible obstacle!

What is Abhichar Prayog in Tantra Abhichar is also used in Tantra to kill or destroy one’s enemy. Even in this digital age, the uses of Tantra cannot be denied. We will find many people around us who are suffering from invisible obstacles.

Abhichar Prayog means the action of causing harm. Many types of Abhichar Process are described in Tantra such as –

Maran, Mohan, Sthamban, Vidveshan, Uchchattan and Vashikaran.

Maran means to kill someone by using Tantra practice, Mohan means to create a special place in someone’s mind, Sthambhan means to stop someone’s actions, vidweshan means to create hatred between two persons, Uchchatan means to end the stability of someone’s mind, Vashikaran means to bring a man or woman under one’s control. What is Abhichar Prayog in Tantra.

What is abhichaar in Tantra
What is abhichaar in Tantra

हिंदी में पढ़िए अभिचार प्रयोग क्या होता है तंत्र में ?

There is also a bitter truth that there is more danger from our own people than from others because only our close people cannot see us happy and rising up.

But we should also always remember that where there are those who kill, there are also those who save.

It is often seen that in order to acquire land unethically, family members start using Tantra abhichar on each other. Due to jealousy, some close people do not fail to use ill-treatment against their neighbors, relatives, brothers and friends also. Sometimes tantra is also misused to spoil the relationship between two people. What is Abhichar Prayog in Tantra.

What are the ways to perform Abhichar rituals:

  1. To use Abhichar in Tantra, some special items are used along with mantra, in which any thing can be invoked and placed in someone’s house, it can also be placed in a farm, office or factory.
  2. Another way to use Abhichar is to feed any spelled item to someone.
  3. And the third is that some people themselves gets trapped unknowingly due to some wrongdoing. What is Abhichar Prayog in Tantra.

Let us know how to know that someone is affected by Abhichar i.e affected by evil energies?

  1.  Even happy families, learned people and seekers can get trapped in the evil practices of Tantra, hence one should always be careful.
  2. After getting trapped by negative energies many types of incidents start happening like –
  3. If suddenly something wrong starts happening in the family after someone comes to the house, then it is possible that someone has done something wrong.
  4. If you see any strange object wrapped in vermillion in the house or courtyard, then you should be cautious. It may be abhichar or attack of negative energies.
  5. If a suspicious person has given you something to eat and after that your head becomes heavy or you get some disease or an accident happens, then you should understand that some negative energy is affecting you.
  6. Sudden decline in health and the reason not being known also happen due to attack of negative energies. What is Abhichar Prayog in Tantra.
  7. Due to habituation, the brain is not in a position to take decisions.
  8. Sudden accidents start happening.
  9. Relationships with close ones start breaking.
  10. The ongoing business starts coming to a halt.
  11. Thoughts of committing immoral acts start coming to mind.
  12. Bad dreams start coming while sleeping at night. What is Abhichar Prayog in Tantra.
  13. A vegetarian person starts becoming a non-vegetarian.
  14. Despite being medically fit, couple face problem in having baby. There is a sudden unusual change in the behavior of a man or woman.
  15. On Amavasya and Purnima,  head will be heavy or some unusual incident will happen.
  16. A person who goes to temple daily will suddenly start feeling afraid of religion and going to holy places.
  17. Even if a person is mentally and physically healthy, he becomes indolent. What is Abhichar Prayog in Tantra.
  18. Some people always feel that someone is with them and do not even sleep due to fear.
  19. Constant appearance of hair in food also indicates presence of negative energies.

If someone tries to take any of your clothes or the soil under your feet, then be careful, someone wants to do wrong to you. What is Abhichar Prayog in Tantra.

If your hair is mysteriously cut in the middle of head then it is possible that you may get into some trouble. Many types of experiments are done with them due to which you may fall into illness, bad luck, or terrible suffering.

What things should be kept in mind to protect ourselves from negative forces?| What is Abhichar Prayog in Tantra

  • First of all, while traveling, do not urinate under the cover of trees, urinate after seeing an empty space, by this you will avoid many problems.
  • If you see any totka at any intersection, crossroad, river or pond, then keep distance from it.
  • Those who are of Rakshas Gana should avoid going to negative places alone at night.
  • Avoid taking anything from any suspicious person. What is Abhichar Prayog in Tantra.
  • The menstrual clothes of virgin girls and women should be burnt.
  • The bride and groom should be very careful at the time of marriage. You should always keep an amulet with you for protection.
  • One should avoid wandering at night during Purnima, Amavasya, Navratri, etc. What is Abhichar Prayog in Tantra.

Let us know some measures by which protection can be found from malicious attack:

Here it should also be kept in mind that if the abhichar prayog i.e negative energy attack has been done by a very knowledgeable person then to avoid it you need big and powerful rituals.

  1. If you feel that evil atack has been done on you, then in such a situation you can recite Baglamukhi Kavach.
  2. Sadhana of Goddess Pratyangira also gives a lot of benefits in such a situation.
  3. You can also recite Narasimha Kavach.
  4. Mahakali Kavach also protects the person from negative energies attack.
  5. You should continuously sprinkle cow urine and Ganga water/holy water in your house, office and on yourself to remove evil spirits. Do this at least 40 days without gap.
  6. Reciting Sarvarishta Nivaran Stotram along with Havan also protects one from any type of dark energies attack. What is Abhichar Prayog in Tantra.

So, in this way we can protect ourselves from Tantrik abhichar attack, if you keep in mind the measures and tips given in this article, then you will definitely be saved from some big troubles.

What is abhichaar in Tantra, how to protect ourselves?, Tantra, Abhichaar, Negative energy attack symptoms, know some easy measures for protection.

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