What are the remedies of Bad Rahu in horoscope

What are the remedies for bad Rahu?, symptoms of bad rahu, rahu remedies at home, how to make your rahu happy, garlic and rahu, strong rahu symptoms, coconut remedy for rahu. 

As per vedic astrology Planet Rahu is very powerful and has the ability to transform life completely. A good rahu is able to make the native king while a bad can make a person deprive of all the happiness in life. 

Rahu is also related with grandparents and so it is suggested to always take care of them to make life fruitful. 

Planet Rahu is closely related with materialistic pleasures, Phobia, addiction, obsession, illusions, confusion, occult sciences, negative energies etc. 

What are the remedies for bad Rahu?, symptoms of bad rahu, rahu remedies at home, how to make your rahu happy, garlic and rahu, strong rahu symptoms, coconut remedy for rahu.

Conjunction of rahu with different planets form different types of dangers yoga like angarak yoga, surya grahan yoga, Chandra grahan yoga, chandal yoga etc. So it is necessary to check our birth-chart minutely to predict life accurately. 

हिंदी में पढ़िए ख़राब राहू के उपाय क्या है ?

What are the Symptoms of Bad Rahu in Birth charts as per astrology?

It is a shadow planet and moves very slowly and so it stay in any zodiac for 18 months and so it’s impacts are also very deep. A bad rahu can make life full of struggle. 

Here are some symptoms of Malefic Rahu in Horoscope:

  • Person starts thinking in negative direction always.
  • Frustration and depression becomes the part of life. 
  • Person become lazy and avoids doing the routine work on time. 
  • Negative rahu also give rise to hurdles in every work. 
  • Sudden losses take place due to bad rahu in birth chart. 
  • Chronic health issues arise. 
  • Mind remains in confusion always. 
  • Native become addict of smoking, liquer or any other drug.
  • Family life becomes hell. 
  • Unwanted sudden expenses lead to tensions.
  • Food poisoning happens due to bad rahu in horoscope. 
  • Bites of poisonous animals takes place. 
  • Nightmares also harass the native 
  • Person also suffer from enemies attack and negative energies attack/black magic etc.
  • Malefic rahu is also one of the most important reason of BANDHAN DOSHA.
  • It also ruin the relationships.

What happens when Rahu is weak?

When rahu is weak in birth char then native face challenges in using the potential at best level, person also face health issues, pass through phobia of negative energies, unable to take solid decisions etc. 

What types of health issues are possible due to bad rahu in kundli?, What diseases are caused by Rahu?:

Rahu is responsible for chronic and incurable diseases like cancer, breathing problem, asthma, ulcers, food poisoning, bites from poisonous animals, mental problems, illusions, depressions, phobia etc. 

What happens when rahu support anyone i.e. Signs Of Good Rahu Placement In Horoscope:

  • Due to good and powerful rahu in horoscope native become courageous and able to achieve culmination of success in career. 
  • Native get good financial status and able to enjoy all materialistic pleassures. 
  • This is also good for politician and makes a person successful leader. 
  • It brings name and fame in life suddenly. 
  • Native is also able to become a good magician, artist, organizer etc.

What are the remedies of bad rahu?/ how can I remove the bad effects of rahu planet in horoscope?/ how can I correct my rahu?:

There are many ways to bring auspiciousness in life, there are some home remedies, prayers, rituals which are beneficial to getrid of malefic impacts of planets.

  1. If rahu is bad in birth chart then it is good to chant the RAHU GAYATRI MANTRA daily and pray for hurdle-free life. 
  2. Do make good relations with grand parents and give them gifts time to time. 
  3. Make a habbit to offer linseen oil daily in shreen ganesh temple. 
  4. Do donate garlc to beggars time to time. 
  5. Don’t keep unwanted materials in home or office for long like gadgets which are not working, machines which are not in use, clocks which are not working etc. 
  6. Sprinkle ganga jal or spelled water on the entrance gate daily in the morning. 
  7. Get your RAHU SHANTI POOJA done time to time. 
  8. Donate coconut in temple time to time. 
  9. Do place a Bassil Plant/tulsi plant near entrance door.

So we can adopt different types of remedies as per our need and capacity. 

Do show your birth chart for proper reading and best remedies as per your horoscope. 

Know about career, know about reasons or health issues, get predictions of love life, marriage forecast, information on lucky gems stone etc. 

What are the remedies for bad Rahu?, symptoms of bad rahu, rahu remedies at home, how to make your rahu happy, garlic and rahu, strong rahu symptoms, coconut remedy for rahu. 

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