Shri Ganeshapancharatnam Benefits

śrī gaṇeśapañcaratnam | shri ganeshapancharatnam|
Shri Ganeshapancharatnam Benefits: Sri Ganesh Pancharatnam was composed by Sri Adi Shankaracharya. Pancharatnam means five gems. Shri Adi Shankaracharya praises Lord Ganesha in these five verses. In the last verse, Phalashruti is stated, i.e., the benefits of reading these verses. Those who recite it will get good health, wealth, knowledge and good children and it also helps in overcoming the obstacles in life.

Let us recite Shri Ganeshpancharatnam with full devotion and trust:

Shri Ganeshapancharatnam Benefits
Shri Ganeshapancharatnam Benefits

हिंदी में जानिए श्री गणेश पञ्चरत्नम के बारे में

Lyrics Of Ganesh Panchratnam:

mudākarāttamodakaṃ sadā vimuktisādhakaṃ
kalādharāvataṃsakaṃ vilāsilokarakṣakam।
anāyakaikanāyakaṃ vināśitebhadaityakaṃ
natāśubhāśunāśakaṃ namāmi taṃ vināyakam॥1॥ Shri Ganeshapancharatnam Benefits

natetarātibhīkaraṃ navoditārkabhāsvaraṃ
namatsurārinirjaraṃ natādhikāpaduddharam।
sureśvaraṃ nidhīśvaraṃ gajeśvaraṃ gaṇeśvaraṃ
maheśvaraṃ tamāśraye parātparaṃ nirantaram॥2॥ Shri Ganeshapancharatnam Benefits

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samastalokaśaṃkaraṃ nirastadaityakuñjaraṃ
daretarodaraṃ varaṃ varebhavaktramakṣaram।
kṛpākaraṃ kṣamākaraṃ mudākaraṃ yaśaskaraṃ
manaskaraṃ namaskṛtāṃ namaskaromi bhāsvaram॥3॥ Shri Ganeshapancharatnam Benefits

akiṃcanārtimārjanaṃ cirantanoktibhājanaṃ
purāripūrvanandanaṃ surārigarvacarvaṇam।
prapañcanāśabhīṣaṇaṃ dhanaṃjayādibhūṣaṇam
kapoladānavāraṇaṃ bhaje purāṇavāraṇam॥4॥ Shri Ganeshapancharatnam Benefits

hṛdantare nirantaraṃ vasantameva yogināṃ
tamekadantameva taṃ vicintayāmi santatam॥5॥ Shri Ganeshapancharatnam Benefits

mahāgaṇeśapañcaratnamādareṇa yo’nvahaṃ
prajalpati prabhātake hṛdi smaran gaṇeśvaram।
arogatāmadoṣatāṃ susāhitīṃ suputratāṃ
samāhitāyuraṣṭabhūtimabhyupaiti so’cirāt॥6॥

|| śrīmat śaṃkara bhagitpādakṛta śrīgaṇeśapañcaratna stotram saṃpūṇakam||

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Meaning of Ganesh Panchratnam Lyrics In English: Shri Ganeshapancharatnam Benefits

Salutations to Lord Vinayaka, who happily holds modaka in his hand and who always grants salvation to his devotees. Who wears the moon as an ornament and is the protector of all the worlds. He who acts as a leader for the destitute or helpless people, destroys the demons. I bow to you, Lord Vinayak, who removes bad and inauspicious things from one’s life.

I bow to Lord Ganesha, who instills fear in dishonest and arrogant people, who shines like the rising sun. I pray to Him who destroys the enemies of the gods and who frees His devotees from obstacles and uplifts them. O Ganesha, the leader of the gods, the head of wealth, the elephant-faced deity and the chief of the Ganas who is similar to Lord Maheshwara and always provides protection to the devotees who take refuge in him. Shri Ganeshapancharatnam Benefits

I bow to Lord Ganesha, who grants welfare to all the worlds and destroys demons. Who has a big stomach which is a symbol of the entire world and prosperity. Those are the letters. Who is kind, forgives the mistakes of his devotees, is the God of happiness and who gives fame to his devotees. Who provides good thoughts to the devotees. I bow to you, Lord who shines forever. Shri Ganeshapancharatnam Benefits

I bow to Lord Ganesha, who relieves the suffering of the helpless and is praised in ancient texts and proverbs. Destroyer of the pride of demons. He who utilizes his powers during the great cataclysm, adorning as his ornaments gods like Agni, whose cheeks flow like an elephant’s grace, I worship the ancient elephant-headed Lord.

Ganesha radiates a special glow, and his shine is enhanced by his exceptionally shiny teeth. He is the son of Shiva who destroys even Yama, Shiva is called Antak of Antak and Ganesha is the son of that Antak (Shiva) whose real form is unimaginable, eternal, remover of obstacles. God always resides in the heart of the yogi. I meditate on a deity with one tooth and removing obstacles. Shri Ganeshapancharatnam Benefits

In this last verse, Sri Adi Shankaracharya states the fruit of chanting this Ganesha Pancharatna verses. A person who recites Maha Ganesh Pancharatnam daily with devotion and recites it in the morning keeping Lord Ganesha in his heart, gets good health, fault free life, good education and good children. All eight types of opulence are attained.

As written by Shankara Bhagavathpada (Sri Adi Shankara), the Ganesha pancharatna stotram is complete.

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