Sankata Ganesh chaturthi Importance

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In life, when there is a problem in every work, marriage is not happening due to Mangal Dosh or you are struggling with the problem of children, then fasting and worshiping on Sankat Chauth gives benefits.

Sankat Chauth is an opportunity to make life meaningful by the grace of Lord Ganesha.

In the year 2023, Sakat Chauth is on 10th of january Tuesday.

According to the Hindu calendar, Sakat Chauth fast is observed every year on the Chaturthi date of Magha Krishna Paksha. Sankata Chauth is also known by the names of Sankashti Chaturthi, Tilkut, Magh Chaturthi, Sakat Chauth. On this day, special worship is done for the protection of children, prevention of Mangal Dosha and removal of troubles from life.

Sankata Ganesh chaturthi Importance

Let us know the auspicious time and date of Sankata Chauth-

  1. Chaturthi Tithi begins – January 10, 2023 at 12.12 noon.
  2. Chaturthi Tithi ends – January 11, 2023 at 2.33 pm.
Due to the difference of location, a change of a few minutes can be seen in the time.

Let us know how to worship Sankat Chaturthi (Sakat Chauth Puja Vidhi):

  1. First of all wake up in Brahma Muhurat and get free from daily routines.
  2. Wear fresh clothes and sit in the place of worship.
  3. Install the idol of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi in worship place. 
  4. Do panchopchar pooja of ganeshji and Lakshmiji i.e. offer Dhoop, Deep, Naivaidhya, Dakshina, clothst etc.
  5. Along with your wishes, take a pledge to fast and worship for the whole day.
  6. Sesame laddoos must be offered to God on this day.
  7. Chant Shri Ganesh’s mantra – Om gam Ganpataye Namah as much as you can.
  8. Finally listen to the story of Sakat Chauth Vrat and perform aarti.
  9. Complete the Sakat Chauth fast by offering Arghya to the moon at night.
  10. If possible, keep fast without drinking water and eat fruits at night only after offering ater to the moon.
On this day, for the fulfillment of your special wish, it would be very good if you do Abhishek with Durva  grass while reciting Atharvashirsha of Lord Ganesha.
You can also recite Sankat Nashan Ganesh Stotra.

Let us now listen to the story of Sankata Chauth:

According to the legend, a moneylender lived with his wife in a city. Both of them were not interested in the works of religion. Once on the day of Sankat Chauth, the wife of moneylender reached her neighbor’s house and seeing the neighbor worshiping Sakat Chauth, she asked the importance of this fast.
Describing the importance of Sankata chauth, the neighbor said that by the grace of Ganapati, a person gets unbroken good fortune, son, wealth-grains, wisdom, accomplishment everything.
Hearing the glory of Sankata Chaturthi, the moneylender wife said that if she becomes a mother, she will observe Sakat Chauth fast and offer 1.25 sher tilkut to Ganesha. By the grace of Ganesha she became pregnant but her greed increased. She said that if she has a son, she will iffer two and a half sher tilkut. The moneylender wife was blessed with a worthy son. Then her greed increased again, now she said that if her son gets married, she will do tilkut for five and a half sher. With the boon of Gajanan, the marriage of his son fixed but she forgot to celebrate Tilkut Chaturthi.
The marriage of the moneylender’s son was fixed but on the day of the marriage his son went missing and everyone was worried.

One day the daughter-in-law of the moneylender went to the forest to take durva grass with her friends. Seeing her, the moneylender’s son also raised his voice, but she all left from there in fear and told her mother about the incident. The villagers and moneylender’s friends went there and saw her son-in-law sitting on a tree in the dense forest. He told everyone his mother’s mistake and said that mother had promised to observe Sakat Chauth fast but did not fulfill it, due to which Sakat Dev i.e. Ganpati ji is angry.
When the moneylender wife came to know about this, she realized her mistake and after apologizing to Ganapati ji, she observed the Sakat Chauth fast and performed Tilkut. Ganesh ji forgave her and his son also came home safely. It is said that due to the effect of the fasting of Sakat Chauth, no harm ever comes to the child. Since then this fast started being observed.
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When is sankata Chauth in 2023, what to do on this day to remove bad luck, sankata ganesh chaturthi date and time, mantra to please lord ganesha,  lambodar chaturthi 2023, tilkut chaturthi. 

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