Reasons of Failure in Relationships

Reasons of failure in Relationship?, why a person not get success in relationship, Astrological reasons for failed relationship.

Reasons of failure in Relationship

Reasons of Failure in Relationships

Every woman and man wants to find someone as her life partner who can understand, who can love, who can support in happiness and sorrow, but these decisions are not quick, it takes time to understand someone. This is the reason why most of the relationships are failing today. When the other person does not meet our standards, relationships break. Breakups have many reasons like poor communication, lack of respect, lack of trust, difference in priorities, arguing a lot, lack of physical intimacy, lack of respect for each other, spending less time together, no emotional connection, lack of attraction, Lack of love, spending more time with other people, feeling bored in the relationship, creating distance from your partner etc.

In this article, we will know some reasons due to which relationships do not last. We will also look at astrological reasons.

Reasons of failing in Relationship

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Reasons of failure in Relationship?, why a person not get success in relationship, Astrological reasons for failed relationship.

Let us know some common reasons for breakup:

  1. To Doubt : It has been seen in most of the broken relationships that when a partner gets into the habit of doubting, then the distance starts increasing.
  2. To lie: When a partner starts hiding things from other, the relationship starts turning sour.
  3. Dominant Personality: Sometimes in the family, one partner starts dominating the other due to which the distance starts increasing. A healthy relationship is based on mutual support, not dominance.
  4. Origin of feeling of jealousy: Sometimes it happens that you do not like your partner’s success and fame and the feeling of jealousy starts increasing, this is also a reason for breaking the relationship.
  5. Infidelity: Some people have more sexual desire due to which they enter into more than one relationship and due to this, relationships also break.
  6. Lack of healthy communication: This is a very big reason due to which many types of problems arise. Therefore, talk to each other openly, do not let any difference of opinion grow, resolve any kind of misunderstanding by talking immediately.
  7. Lack of respect: It is often seen that in the beginning of a relationship, both respect each other a lot and listen to each other, but with time, the respect for each other starts decreasing and due to this, sourness starts increasing in the relationship.
  8. Difference in priorities:  Conflicting priorities are another common reason for relationships to fail. When you feel that your partner’s nature, goals and priorities are very different from yours, then cracks start forming in your relationship. For example, if one partner only wants to grow in his career but the other wants to grow a family, then the relationship can break due to difference of opinions.
  9. Lack of intimacy: It is often seen that with time one partner’s interest in sex decreases, which increases the distance in the relationship.

Reasons of failure in Relationship?, why a person not get success in relationship, Astrological reasons for failed relationship.

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Let us now know some astrological reasons for unsuccessful relationships:

Under astrology, by studying the planets present in the horoscope, we can know why there are problems in relationships.

  • If the ascendant is weak in the horoscope then it affects the decision making ability of the person and the person is not able to take strong decisions regarding relationships at the right time due to which he faces problems in life.
  • If the fifth house in the horoscope is bad or the lord of the fifth house is weak or belongs to the enemy or is of low status, then the person faces difficulty in maintaining good relationships.
  • If the seventh house in the horoscope is bad, the lord of the seventh house is bad or the seventh house is affected by a bad planet, then the person has to face problems in relationships.
  • If the eleventh house in the horoscope is bad or the lord of the eleventh house is weak or is in an enemy sign, then the person may have to face problems in relationships.
  • Even if the house of happiness in the birth chart is corrupted and is filled with inauspicious planets, the person has to go through many problems.
  • It has also been seen that when Venus, the planet responsible for love and romance, is inauspicious or weak, the person faces problems in making happy and satisfying relationships.

Reasons of failure in Relationship?, why a person not get success in relationship, Astrological reasons for failed relationship.

Before getting into any relationship, keep these things in mind:

  1. Before putting a stamp on any relationship, spend some time i.e. try to understand each other by spending time with each other.
  2. Don’t be in a hurry to make a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  3. Do not take decisions regarding marriage in a hurry.
  4. Before marriage, along with astrology match making, also know the medical history of the other person.
  5. If you have a habit of taunting, then improve it, otherwise there will be problems in relationships.
  6. Don’t look for perfect, there will be something lacking in everyone.
  7. Make relationships according to your status, otherwise you will remain troubled throughout your life.

Astrological remedies for success in relationship:

Here I would like to tell that it is necessary to analyze the horoscope for astrological remedies because the influence of planets is different on each person, hence the remedies are different for everyone.

Here some solutions are being given for information –

  • To increase intensity in love life, you can chant Kamadeva Mantra.
  • To increase the power of Venus, you can chant the mantra of planet Venus.
  • It is beneficial to perform Shanti Puja of the planet which is causing problems in love relationships.
  • Shiva and Shakti should be worshiped regularly.
  • Based on the birth chart, the person can also wear gems related to the important planet.
  • Think positive, spend time with positive people. This will increase your attractiveness power and you will benefit a lot.

So if you want a good relationship, then you will have to move forward with patience and take decisions thoughtfully.

Reasons of failure in Relationship?, why a person not get success in relationship, Astrological reasons for failed relationship.

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