Pushya Yoga For auspicious Life

What is Guru Pushya Yoga?, when is Guru Pushya Amrit Yoga in august 2022?, top things to do on guru-pushya yoga.

On 25th of august, Thursday we will get a powerful, sacred and lucky time which will help everyone.

What is guru pushya yoga?

When pushya nakshatra falls on Thursday then a very auspicious yoga form as per vedic astrology and this yoga is known as Gurupushya yoga. This day is very auspicious from the point of view of performing spiritual practices, shopping, doing auspicious work etc. 

What is Pushya Nakshatra?

There are 27 nakshatra and 12 zodiacs as per vedic astrology, every nakshatra has its own importance. PUSHYA is one of the nakshtra among 27 nakshtra which is very powerful when falls on Thursday or on Sunday. 

The lord of pushya nakshatra is SATURN.

What is Guru Pushya Yoga?, when is Guru Pushya Amrit Yoga in august 2022?, top things to do on guru-pushya yoga.
Pushya Yoga For auspicious shopping

हिंदी में पढ़िए 6 कारण जो बनाते हैं 25 अगस्त को पढने वाले गुरु पुष्य योग को बहुत ज्यादा ख़ास 

Importance of Guru Pushya Amrut yoga:

In vedic astrology mahurat is very important to perform any work for goodness and gurupushya yoga is one of the best mahurat i.e. auspicious time to perform auspicious work, auspicious purchasing, making ayurvedic medicines, yantra siddhi, mantra siddhi, tantra siddhi etc. 

It is always advised in astrology to check mahurat i.e. auspicious timings before doing any important work. In this astrologer check combination of day with tithi and nakshatra. 

By doing any work on right mahurat we can get positive results in life. 

Top things to do on GURU PUSHYA YOGA:

  1. Guru pushya yoga is very good to perform laxmi saadhna i.e. rituals to attract money in life. 
  2. This day is very auspicious to buy gold jewelery. 
  3. Guru pushya yoga is very auspicious to start any new business. 
  4. Rituals can be done on this day to attract wealth and prosperity in family. 
  5. We can buy new account book on this day.
  6. Students can buy books or take admission in new courses on guru pushya yoga. 
  7. If yellow sapphire is suggested to you by any astrologer then you can buy this on gurupushyamrut yoga. 
  8. Kuber yantra or laxmi yantra can be installed on this day for best results. 
  9. We can buy new vehicle/house/flat on this day which will be very fruitful. 
  10. We can buy gold coin or silver coin on this day to enhance luck. 
  11. We can put foundation stone for any construction work on guru pushya yoga. 
  12. We can buy any electronic gadgets or electric items like mobile, laptop, pc, refrigerator, tv, cooler etc. on this day to enhance life. 
  13. One can start new job from this day.
  14. Make any big deal on this day which will be fruitful for both the parties.

Benefits of Guru Pushya Yoga as per vedic astrology:

  • The rituals done on this day for money helps to open the income sources. 
  • The purchasing of gold on this day helps in prosperity. 
  • This is the best day to start any spiritual practice and religious activity.
  • Luck enhancing prayers are done on guru pushya yoga helps greatly. 
  • If anyone start any venture, job on this day then growth is seen regularly.
  • Investments made on this day will give tremendous profits.

6 Astrology Reasons which are making the Guru pushya yoga falling on 25th of august VERY AUSPICIOUS:

  1. Sun will be in it’s own sign leo in transit horoscope.
  2. Moon will be present in it’s own sign cancer in gochar kundli. 
  3. Mercury will be exalted by sitting in virgo sign.
  4. Jupiter will be in pisces which is it’s own sign.
  5. Shani will be in capricorn which is it’s own sign.
  6. Combination of thursday with Pushya nakshatra making amrutsiddhi yoga.
So all theses reasons are making this day powerful, sacred and auspicious to perform spiritual practice, to perform rituals for money, to invest, to buy, to start any new work etc. 

So hopefully this article will give you information relative to guru pushya yoga and you will definitely use this day to make life prosperous, to enhance luck.

What is Guru Pushya Yoga?, when is Guru Pushya Amrit Yoga in august 2022?, top things to do on guru-pushya yoga.

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