Prayers To Remove Black Magic

Prayers To Remove Black Magic, Prayer Against All Black Magic, Hexes, Spells, Curses, Evil & Negative Energies, Prayer for healing, peace and protection against evil forces, Prayers That Break Witchcraft effects.

Black magic impacts

Are you suffering from negative energies and in search of protection, are you facing frightening dreams daily and unable to sleep and want guidance to overcome from this, do you think that you are under impacts of witchcraft attack and want to save yourself and family then this article will help you.
Black magic is the use of evil forces to destroy anyone and many innocent people unwontedly comes under the impacts of negative energies due to many reasons.
In this case normal remedies are not fruitful and so it is necessary to take guidance from specialist who knows the shield making techniques. There are different techniques in different religions but in this article we are going to learn some prayers and Mantras to remove black magic or impacts of negative energies from our life.
If you are unable to perform practices then you can also CONTACT ASTROLOGER to invoke Divine energies for protection.

Protection Mantras and Prayers are used to dominate the witchcraft, evil forces and then create shield against negative energies. Prayers To Remove Black Magic

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Prayers To Remove Black Magic

Benefits of Black Magic Removal Prayers:

  • Neutralize the impacts of evil forces.
  • Some prayers return the negative energies attack to their sender.
  • Some Prayers make shield against destructive energies.
  • Enhance peace and prosperity in life.
  • Heal the person if he or she is suffering from any health issues due to evil forces.
  • Victim gets protection against accidents and diseases.
  • Removes fear of different kinds.
  • Bless native with longevity.
  • Remove the disturbances in love life or married life.
  • Native get relief from various health issues. Prayers To Remove Black Magic

1 Powerful Prayer For Protection Against Black Magic:

Divine Father (Take Name of whom do you believe)
I accept you as my savior. You are my lord and able to heal me and my family. O Lord please heal me and my family in all areas of our lives. Bless us with health, wealth and happy life.

Show us the purpose of this divine life. God please save us from the evil forces, negative energies, witchcraft effects which are destroying our life. Bring us out from the DARK WORLD of negative forces so that we can enjoy the gift of life given by you.


Now Some Black Magic Removal Mantra:

Black Magic Removal Bhairav Mantra: Prayers To Remove Black Magic

Om Namo Bhagwate RU RU Bhairvaay Bhoot Pret shay Kuru Kuru Hoom Phat Swaha
ॐ नमो भगवते रु रु भैरवाय भूत प्रेत क्षय कुरु कुरु हुं फट् स्वाहा

Black Magic Removal Hanuman Mantra:

Om Hum Hanumate Rudratamkaya Hoom Phat
ॐ हं हनुमते रुद्रात्मकाय हुं फट्

Black Magic Removal Kali Mantra:

ॐ कालवंनाय विदमहे महाकोपायधीमहि तन्नो भद्र प्रचोदयात

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Black Magic Removal Poojas:

There is existence of both negative and positive energies in this universe whether anyone believe or not. This is why we can see many people who suffer from ghost impacts, possession, evil forces impacts etc. The person who is suffering from any type of negative energies is actually unaware of this and live life in strange way. These types of person behave abnormally. Prayers To Remove Black Magic
Sometimes whole family comes under the impact of black magic and gradually family members starts getting sick, some passes through accidents, Some loses life etc.

Negative forces also affect the efficiency of a person and affect the business, job and career so it is necessary to take protection ways.

In this case it is necessary to have “The Black magic removal Puja”. This is a special pooja in which mantra is chanted with holy fire to protect the person from evil forces, black magic, ghosts, demons, Nazar dosha, evil spirits etc. Prayers To Remove Black Magic

Contact Astrologer For Reading and Prayers

let’s Know Which Types of Poojas Are generally done to remove black magic:

  • Goddess kali pooja to reomove evil energies impacts: In this pooja special mantra of goddess kali is chanted and Hawan is done to protect the victim of black magic.
  • Lord Bhairav Pooja to remove Kala Jadu or evil forces: In this bhairav mantra is used to remove the dark energies impacts from life of victim. Bhairav bless the native with health, wealth and prosperity.
  • Lord Hanuman Pooja to remove black magic: In this very powerful mantras of hanumanji is chanted with the vow to protect the victim from negative energies. It is clearly mentioned in holy books that all the ghosts, demons fear of lord hanumanji. Prayers To Remove Black Magic
  • Worship of Lord Narsimha is also very good way to overcome from black magic impacts. He is the divine incarnation of lord vishnu in fierce form.
  • Goddess Baglamukhi Worship is also very beneficial to destroy the enemies and evil forces.
  • Poojas as per horoscope: Actually there are many dangerous yogas which insist the person to live a life of hell and which also attract negative energies in life. So some poojas are done after analyzing the horoscope of person.

Anyone can perform the pooja at home or BOOK POOJA from anywhere in the world like India, UK, USA, Japan, Europe, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany etc. Prayers To Remove Black Magic

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So don’t worry if you are suffering from evil eye effects, black magic, dark energies, witchcraft or any curse. Do contact astrologer, show your horoscope and get BEST REMEDIES to overcome from Dark Energies.

Prayers To remove Black Magic, Prayer Against All Black Magic, Hexes, Spells, Curses, Evil & Negative Energies, Prayer for healing, peace and protection against evil forces, Prayers That Break Witchcraft effects.

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I have done all 3 Suggestions and due to faith on you sir. I have heart infection which haven't found for last 50 days after having lot of test with the help of advance machine. But just after doing your upaay, the next day i admitted in hospital and the same doctor found the disease and treatment at same night. So sir you can now think about the level of trust and faith which make me belive this.


Sumit Vasist, Delhi

I used to spend some time with him in doing spiritual discussions which helps me a lot in taking decisions in my personal and professional life. I will definitely recommend everyone to talk once with astrologer Om Prakash who has in depth knowledge of both astrology and spiritual science. He is a very good mentor, astrologer ad a nice person. I will seek advise every time whenever i need


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sir from the time i got your web address i am just getting addicted to it, Sir from the time i came to understand about Indian astrology i wanted to get in touch with Indian astrologer to get help for my self but i could not get it and now you started helping me i am very grateful to you. sir i am so desperate to get rid of my loans. Sir please remember me in your prayer. and i need a lot more of your help. Great Job by u



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