Narimha Gayatri Mantra lyrics and Benefits

Narimha Gayatri Mantra lyrics and Benefits, नरसिम्हा गायत्री मंत्र, Powerful narsimha mantra for protection and courage.

Narasimha Gayatri is a very powerful mantra, using which we can avoid enemies in our life, avoid negative forces, avoid witchcraft.

With the practice of Nrusingh Gayatri Mantra, courage arises in the chanter, bravery arises. The person can easily face any kind of obstacle.


ॐ उग्र नृसिंहाय विद्महे वज्रनखाय धीमहि | तन्नो नृसिंह प्रचोदयात् ||

Narimha Gayatri Mantra lyrics and Benefits, नरसिम्हा गायत्री मंत्र, Powerful narsimha mantra for protection and courage.

हिंदी में पढ़िए नरसिंह गायत्री मंत्र के फायदे 

If one chants this mantra in the morning, he is protected from evil forces throughout the day, one who sleeps after chanting at night does not get bad dreams, is protected from secret enemies, negative forces cannot harm him/her.

By chanting Narasimha Gayatri Mantra one can get rid of any kind of worry, disease, grief.

Narasimha Mantra is the most powerful mantra to avoid severe problems.

The most fearsome avatar of Lord Vishnu is the Narasimha avatar which was taken to save his most beloved devotee Prahlad from the devil.

Wherever Narasimha Gayatri Mantra is chanted, ghosts, vampires and other evil forces flee from there.

If you think that someone has done black magic, then also you can worship Lord Narasimha and chant his mantra.

If troubles are not leaving you, enemies are troubling you continuously, disturbances in the house are not calming down, then in such a situation one should chant Nrusingh Gayatri Mantra and also perform Havan.

At the time of eclipse, Diwali night, Navratri, Shiv Ratri, Holi night, Narasimha Jayanti, Narasimha Gayatri Mantra must be chanted.

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Narimha Gayatri Mantra lyrics and Benefits: Lyrics of Narsingh Gayatri mantra in english:

Om Ugra Narasimhaya Vidmahe Vajranakhaya Dhimahi | Tanno Narasimha Prachodayat ||

Narimha Gayatri Mantra lyrics and Benefits, नरसिम्हा गायत्री मंत्र, Powerful narsimha mantra for protection and courage.

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