Mantra to attract Husband love

Mantra to attract husband, durga mantra to attract husband, kamdev mantra to attract husband, totka to attract husband.

There are many females who are suffering from ignorance from husbands in spite of having all the capabilities and desires.

If you love your husband very much and don’t want breakup or divorce then it is good to adopt some astrology ways. First of all it is good to show birth chart to an experienced astrologer to know the reasons of not getting the attraction of husband then it is good to adopt the best ways like mantra chanting, grah shanti pooja, gems stone etc. 

But here in this article we will see some powerful mantras which can be used to maintain relation with husband, to make place in heart of husband, to get love of life partner. 

Mantra to attract Husband love

These attraction mantras are very useful –

  • When husband don’t give proper response to you. 
  • When husband enter in extra marital affair. 
  • When any wife lost the love of husband due to some reason. 
  • These attraction spells are very useful to save the marriage life

हिंदी में पढ़िए पति के प्यार को पाने का मंत्र

Goddess mantra to attract husband:

Goddess is also known as adi shakti and is able to change mind of anyone. So if your husband is not giving proper attention then do start the worship of goddess and chant the following mantra. During recitation do think that your husband is coming towards you, your husband is loving you. 

It is good to chant offer a Deepak before goddess photo or statue and then start reciting this attraction mantra. It is good to chant 108 times daily in the morning and in the night. 

Lyrics of husband attraction mantra: 

|| ॐ ज्ञानिनामपि चेतांसि देवी भगवती हि सा ।

बलादाकृष्य मोहाय महामाया प्रयच्छति ||

|| Om Gyaaninamapi Chetaansi Devi Bhagvati Hi Si, Balaadaakrishya Mohaay Mahaayaa Prayachati ||

Meaning :

भगवती महामाया देवी ज्ञानियों के भी चित को बलपूर्वक खींचकर मोह में डाल देती हैं !

Bhagwati Mahamaya Devi pulls the mind of even the wise by force and makes her fall in love. 

Use Red Woolan blanket or asan to sit for Mantra recitation. 

Durga mantra to attract husband:

We all know that who is goddess durga, the supreme power and none other than wife of lord shiva. 

So the durga mantra is very good for those who want to attract husband, who want to enhance relationship, who want happy married life. 

Lyrics of durga attraction mantra for husband:

|| ॐ नमो देवी भगवती त्रिलोचन त्रिपुर (पति का नाम ) में वशं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ||

|| Om Namo Devi Bhagavati Trilochan Tripur (name of husband) Me Vasham Kuru Kuru Swaha ||

Navratri are the best days to chant this mantra but if you want to start it now then do check auspicious day as per hindu panchang and then start chanting. 

Do chant this durga mantra 1008 times in the morning and in the night. Before chanting do offer a Deepak before photo or statue of goddess durga. 

While chanting this mantra do think that Your Husband Is thinking about you and loving you. 

Use Red Woolan blanket or asan to sit for Mantra recitation. 

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Kamdev Mantra to attract Husband:

The Kamdev Mantra for to attract husband is very useful when any wife want attraction of his life partner. Chant this mantra with pure heart, full devotion and passion. 

This spell of lord kamdev will not only bring your love back but also increase a positive aura around you which will bring overall success in your life. 

Read full detail about this KAMDEV MANTRA here-

The best day to start this mantra is on Friday. You can also use auspicious days as per hindu panchang. The night of holi, deepawali, navratris are best to activate this mantra and for quick result.

Kamakhya devi husband attraction mantra:

We all know that Kamakhya temple is known for the tantra practices and goddess fulfill the genuine wishes of devotees. So if husband is not giving proper attention and going away from you. If life partner is attracting towards anyone else and your marriage life is in danger then you can use this powerful goddess kamakhya mantra to bring your husband back in your life. 

Lyrics of kamakya attraction mantra-

|| ॐ नमः कामख्या देवी मम पति (नाम लीजिये ) में वशं करी स्वाहा ||

|| Om Namah Kamaakhya Devi mum pati (name of husband) Me Vasham Kari Swaha ||                                             

This is very powerful spell to attract husband and to save marriage. 

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Points to keep in mind while doing attraction mantra practice:

Please do not reveal to anyone that you are doing any practice to bring your love back in your life. Maintain full privacy and perform your practices regularly, devotedly and passionately, divine energies will definitely help you. 

Do consult astrologer for minute analysis of your and yours husband horoscope to know the astrology reasons of your problem. After proper analysis of birth chart it is possible to find best poojas like grah shanti pooja and gems stone remedies to make life successful and fruitful. 

Mantra to attract husband, durga mantra to attract husband, kamdev mantra to attract husband, totka to attract husband.

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