Mahashivratri significance As per astrology

Astrological significance of 2024 Shivaratri,  Planetary positions on shivratri, Best ways to please lord shiva as per zodiacs .

Mahashivratri significance As per astrology: The 14th day of Phalgun Krishna paksh is very auspicious as per as per hindu panchang because this day is celebrated as Mahashivratri.  Devotees use this day to perform special worship to make life successful. 

In india, everywhere we can find people chanting names of shiva, performing prayers of different kinds to please lord shiva. 

In the year 2024, Mahashivratri is on 8th of March 2024. 

Mahashivratri significance As per astrology
Mahashivratri significance As per astrology

As per shiv mahapuran, the night of MAHASHIVRATRI is very powerful to minimize problems of life like marriage problem, kalsarp problem,  moon problem, black magic problem etc. 

This night is used by spiritual practitioners and tantric to activate spells of different kind. 

Which types of poojas are possible on mahashivratri?

  • As per scriptures, the whole universe is the manifestation of lord shiva and so nothing is except shiva and so one can perform worship shivling to overcome from any types of problems. 
  • Lord shiva is the master of ghosts and  negative energies and so if anyone is suffering from any type of black magic and negativity then it is good to worship lord shiva on shivratri. 
  • If there is malefic moon in horoscope and your life is suffering then perform shiv pooja regularly to make life successful. 
  • If anyone is facing marriage problems in life then also pooja on shivratri is very auspicious. Mahashivratri significance As per astrology

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How the planets will be on 8th of March 2024 on Mahashivratri:

  • Sun will be in its enemy zodiac sign Aquarius.
  • Moons will remain in their respective zodiac signs.
  • Mars will be in its exalted sign.
  • Mercury will remain in its lowest sign.
  • Jupiter will remain in its friendly zodiac sign.
  • Venus will remain in its friendly zodiac sign.
  • Saturn will be in its own sign.
  • Rahu and Ketu will remain in their friendly zodiac signs. Mahashivratri significance As per astrology

How to worship Shiva as per zodiac to bring success in life?: Mahashivratri significance As per astrology

  1. If your sign is ARIES then do the abhishek of shivling with sweet water. Do distribute sweet chapatti to needy as per capacity after offering it to lord shiva. 
  2. If your rashi is TAURUS then use Curd to perform abhishek of shivling on mahashivratri,  bhatpooja is also good for you. 
  3. If your rashi is GEMINI then do offer green lentil to shiva and pray for success. 
  4. If your rashi is CANCER then use milk to worship shiva on shivratri. 
  5. If your rashi is LEO then use jiggery water or sugarcane juice to perform abhishek of lord shiva on mahashivratri.
  6. If your rashi is VIRGO then cannabis, betel leaf in shiv poojan.
  7. If your zodiac is LIBRA then use fruit juices and white flowers to worship lord shiva.  Mahashivratri significance As per astrology
  8. Scorpio zodiac people if use panchamrit and red flowers in pooja of shivling then will help a lot.
  9. Sagittarius sign people can worship shiva with gram flour, marigold flowers, etc. in mahashivratri pooja. 
  10. People of Capricorn can use coconut water, blue flowers, urad dal etc. in shivratri pooja.
  11. Aquarius people can worship lord shiva with sesame oil, shami flowers, sweets made from urad dal etc. in worship of shivling on mahashivratri. 
  12. Pisces people can can use saffron and milk, yogurt and rice, yellow mustard, nagkasar etc. in shiv pujan. Mahashivratri significance As per astrology

There are more ways to please lord shiva like recite Shiva mahimn strotram, Shiva Kavach, Shivashtak, Shiva Manas Puja etc. 

Note:  If your health is good then do keep fast on shivratri and chant the names of lord shiva as much as you can. 

Om Namah Shivaya

Astrological significance of 2024 Shivaratri,  Planetary positions on shivratri, Best ways to please lord shiva as per zodiacs .

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