Hanuman Janjeera lyrics and benefits

Hanuman janjira mantra, हनुमान जंजीरा मंत्र, miraculous Hanuman mantra to escape from ghosts, bad dreams, evil powers.

Hanuman Janjeera lyrics and benefits: Whoever gets the grace of Chiranjeevi Hanumanji, there is no such work which cannot be done. Shri Ram devotee Hanumanji is supremely powerful and also merciful.

In this article we will know about Hanuman janjeera which is very powerful mantra. Negative powers disappear from wherever it is recited.

If you are in a lot of trouble and are a devotee of Hanumanji, then recite Hanuman Chalisa and recite Hanuman Zanjeer, it will definitely be beneficial.

Hanuman Janjira is a Shabar mantra which shows immediate effect, so it should be used only when needed with a pure heart.

Hanuman Janjeera lyrics and benefits

Lyrics of Hanuman Janjeera:

ॐ हनुमान पहलवान पहलवान, बरस बारह का जबान,

हाथ में लड्डूा मुख में पान, खेल खेल गढ़ लंका के चौगान,

अंजनी‍ का पूत, राम का दूत, छिन में कीलौ नौ खंड का भू‍त, जाग जाग हड़मान हुँकाला, ताती लोहा लंकाला, शीश जटा डग डेरू उमर गाजे, वज्र की कोठड़ी ब्रज का ताला, आगे अर्जुन पीछे भीम, चोर नार चंपे ने सींण, अजरा झरे भरया भरे, ई घट पिंड की रक्षा राजा रामचंद्र जी लक्ष्मण कुँवर हड़मान करें।

Om Hanuman Pahalwan pahalwan, baras baarah ka jabaan,

Haath mai laddu mukh me paan, khel khel gadh lanka ke chaugaan,

Anjani ka poot, raam ka doot, chhin me kilau nau kahnd ka bhoot, jaag jaag hadman hunkaala, tati loha lankala, sheesh jata dg deru umar gaaje, vajr ki kothdi bajra ka tala, aage arjun peeche bheem, chor naar champe ne seen, ajra jhare bharya bhare, E ghat pind ki raksha raaja raamchandra ji lakshman kunwar hadmaan karen |

Hanuman Janjeera lyrics and benefits: Let us know what are the benefits of reciting Hanuman Janjira:

  • By chanting Hanuman Janjira Mantra, all kinds of sorrows, diseases, griefs, troubles etc. goes away.
  • Reciting Hanuman Janjira protects from all kinds of unseen obstacles.
  • There is protection from the obstacles of ghosts, dakinis, shakinis, vampires etc.
  • Protects from any kind of black magic.
  • Wherever this mantra is recited, that place will be protected from negative energies.

Hanuman Janjeera lyrics and benefits

What are the points one should keep in mind while chanting Hanuman Janjira Mantra?

  1. Start chanting it from any auspicious time.
  2. One who recites Hanuman Janjira should stay away from any kind of violence, nonveg eating, intoxication etc.
  3. Before starting chanting worship Hanuman ji, offer dhoop, lamp, naivedya then recite hanuman chalisa and then start reciting hanuman janjeera.
  4. Recite 108 daily for special benefits.
  5. Offer Chola to Hanuman ji from time to time.
Hanuman janjira mantra, हनुमान जंजीरा मंत्र, miraculous Hanuman mantra to escape from ghosts, bad dreams, evil powers.

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