Ex Love Solution Home Remedies

 Ex Love Solution Home Remedies, home remedies to get ex wife back, Spell to get ex husband back in life.

Ex Love Solution Home Remedies: Problems in love life are very common in these days. After spending some month or years couples go away from each other due to various reasons. Some people move ahead in life easily but for some people it becomes difficult to forget the EX LOVE. 

There are too many reasons of breakup like as –

  1. Ego makes the relations sour. 
  2. Any 3rd person enters between couple.
  3. Lack of mutual understanding.
  4. Lack of transparency in professional and personal matter.
  5. Financial problem.
  6. Change of need. 
  7. Violent behavior 
  8. Over Responsibility 
  9. Planetary problems
  10. Black magic done by any 3rd person etc. 
Ex Love Solution Home Remedies

There is no problem with those who move ahead without any problem but those  people  who are not able to live without their  partner start searching for :

  • How to get an ex back who lost feelings for me.
  • How to get ex back after hurting. 
  • How to make ex love me again.
  • How to get ex girlfriend back
  • How to get ex boyfriend back
  • How to get ex husband back .
  • How to get ex wife back .
  • How to make my ex fall in love with me again? Etc.

People also spend too much to make their love life wonder again.  Some are lucky and again enter in happy love life but some are unlucky and lost their money, time and life. 

But in reality these 2 ways are not good for long run. 

There are many people who regret of their past deeds to get their ex back in hurry. So do think again and again before using any type of quick process to get  EX-BACK. 

Real lovers do not compel, real emotions brings together. 

Before moving towards solution to get EX –BACK it is necessary to know the reasons and this is possible only through Birth chart Reading. 

So first of all do know the astrology reasons of breakup. 

Then also know that whether both can live happy life together or not. 

Then adopt the best ways life white magic mantra and other good prayers to make life better. 

हिंदी में जानिए एक्स लव को पाने के घरेलु उपाय 

Ex Love Solution Home Remedies: Some precautions to be taken after break up :

  1. Don’t beg to make relations good. 
  2. Never do anything which creates Misunderstanding.
  3. Never take help of a person who is not able to communicate real feelings to your partner.
  4. Don’t blame by texting.
  5. If you want to reunite then never try to find earlier mistakes of your partner. 
  6. Don’t break communication for long. Try to be descent and text occasionally. 
  7. Do show the importance of your partner in your life. 
  8. Share good memories in social media so that your partner may know that you are thinking about him or her. 
  9. Talk to the common friend about reuniting. 

How Astrology Help to get Ex-love-back in life?

Chart analysis is done before adopting any ways to get ex-back in life. During chart analysis match making is also done to know that whether the future is good or not together. If everything is found good then the astrology reasons are found and then remedies are given to get EX-back in life. 

As per astrology our lives continuously affected by 9 planets (sun, moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, venus, Saturn, rahu and ketu )and 27 Constellations. As per changes in transit major changes are also felt in our lives. Sometimes relations automatically reformed after some time. But if not then some remedies help to reunite. 

Ex Love Solution Home Remedies: what not to use to bring back EX love?

  • Don’t use black magic vashikaran for fast result because it’s effect will not remain for long run. 
  • Don’t use witchcraft methods because they are dangerous and ruin your life after sometime.
  • Don’t invoke evil spirits to get your work done.

Get Ex Love Back  through Astrology:

In astrology it is not possible to move further without proper reading. So if you have correct date of birth, time of birth and place birth then you can BOOK YOUR READING to about love life, married life, future with your partner, chances of getting EX back in life etc. 

If you are getting fail in relationship, if you are facing regular problem in relationship then it is good to consult an experienced astrologer to know the astrology reasons and also get love Compatibility

We can know the best spell to make life better. 

We can use the best gems stone as per our birth chart to enhance the power of planets to make love life successful. 

There are powerful prayers which can be used to invoke the divine energies to make life fruitful. 

Ex Love Solution Home Remedies: The Poojas or rituals can help in many ways like as – 

  1. Minimizing impact of malefic planets in birth chart which is making love life hell. 
  2. Help to stop divorce.
  3. Prayer help to remove misunderstanding. 
  4. It helps to generate feelings of love in partner. 
  5. It helps to generate positive aura which help in attracting partner. 
  6. It help in love marriage. 
  7. Poojas help to solve Husband & Wife Disputes.
  8. Poojas are very useful to remove Black Magic Vashikaran.

Ex Love Solution Home Remedies: Home Remedies To Get Ex Back In life:

Don’t worry if you are facing problem in relationship issues. Here get the best and easy remedies to fulfill your wishes. You can do it yourself and make your life successful. 

  • Are your ongoing work suddenly stopping due to some reason?
  • Has your boyfriend or husband left you?
  • Do you like someone and want to make him yours?
  • Are your family members not agreeing for your marriage?
  • Do you think someone has done black magic on you?
  • Is your husband or your boyfriend under someone’s control?
  • Get the HOME REMEDIES and make your life successful.

If your intention is good and if you really love your partner if you really want to spend whole life with your beloved then you can use the spells given below. 

Mantra for Attraction and Love:

If you think that your beloved is no more interested in you but you want to generate feeling in him or her then use the following spell for 5 days. This is very powerful attraction mantra.

Face toward west direction and chant 5000 spell daily in the night. 

Start from Saturday and use red blanket or red Asan to practice this love spell. 

Love Spell:

|| Om Namo Veer Vetalaay Shastrbhujaay Hunakaaray Aadi Purushaay (Name Of Person) Akarshanam Kuru Kuru Swaha |||

Ex Love Solution Home Remedies: Spell to get Back EX-Husband:

If you think that your husband is moving towards any other female and not giving attention to you then you can use this powerful spell of goddess. This is a 10 day process and you will get magical result.

|| Om Hreem Bhogprada Bhairavi matangi (Name of Husband) Vashmaanay Swaha ||

Do the chanting by sitting on white blanket or White asan and face toward North. Start it from Friday. 

Spell to Get back Ex wife :

If you love your wife too much and due to some reason breakup took place and you want to reunite then you can try this process. 

Start from Saturday and continue till next Saturday. Daly chant this love spell 1000 times in the night. Face toward west. 

After that Do write the mantra in any BHOJ PATRA with saffron ink. And then do keep the bhojpatra in any honey bottle. 

Love spell to get ex wife is :

|| Om Namo Dev Adirupaay (Name of Wife) Akarshan kuru kuru swaha ||

Ex Love Solution Home Remedies: Special Mantra to maintain love with Beloved:

This is a very simple spell but works if you daily chant this mantra 1008 Times atleast. 

|| Om Pingalaaye Namah ||

Do chant this mantra in the morning after daily routine and you will be able to maintain love whole the life with your beloved. 

Don’t feel yourself helpless, compelled by bad luck. Make your mind positive and start doing prayers with positive mind. Divine energies will sure help you. 

So hope you have got answers of following questions:

  • How to get an ex back who lost feelings for me.
  • How to get ex back after hurting. 
  • How to make ex love me again.
  • How to get ex girlfriend back
  • How to get ex boyfriend back
  • How to get ex husband back .
  • How to get ex wife back .
  • How to make my ex fall in love with me again? Etc.

Don’t be upset, don’t be in hurry, keep your mind calm and then move step by step in life. 

Ex Love solution, home remedies to get ex wife back, Spell to get ex husband back in life.

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