Chandrashekhar Ashtkam With Meaning

Chandrashekhar Ashtkam With Meaning , What are the benefits of Chandrashekhar Ashtkam, Shiva worship, how to avoid untimely death?

The great sage Markandeya, who was devoted to Lord Shiva, composed 8 stotras while worshiping Lord Shiva, which are known as Chandrashekhar Ashtakam.

Chandrashekhar means the one who wears the moon as a crown on his head.

Chandrashekhar Ashtkam With Meaning
Chandrashekhar Ashtkam With Meaning

Let us know when Markandeya Rishi composed Chandrashekhar Ashtakam:

When Maharishi Mrikandu did not get a child even after many attempts, he performed severe penance to please Lord Shiva. Pleased with the rigorous penance of the sage, Lord Shiva told him that he was not destined to have a child, but he gave the sage two options – he would have a wise son whose age would be only 16 years or a son who would be less wise but will live long. Sage Mrikandu chose a short-lived but knowledgeable son. Chandrashekhar Ashtkam With Meaning

After some time, sage Mrikandu was blessed with a son whom he named Markandeya. At an early age, he acquired knowledge of all types of Vedas and became a devotee of Lord Shiva. As soon as Markandeyaji turned 16, his parents started worrying about his age. Chandrashekhar Ashtkam With Meaning

When Markandeyaji asked the reason for their sorrow, they told everything. Markandeyaji was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and that is why he went to the river bank for the last time and made a Shivalinga of clay and started worshiping it. At the same time Yamraj came to take his life. Due to worshiping Shiva, Yamraj was unable to take his life, so he threw his Yamapash towards Markandeyaji, which passed through Markandeya’s neck and went around the Shivalinga. At the same time, Markandeyaji composed a stotra in worship of Lord Shiva which is known as Chandrashekhar Ashtakam.

Read Lyrics Of चन्द्रशेखर अष्टकम in Sanskrit

Lyrics of Chandrashekharashtkam In English:

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chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara pāhimām ।
chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara rakṣamām ॥

ratnasānu śarāsanaṃ rajatādri śṛṅga nikētanaṃ
śiñjinīkṛta pannagēśvara machyutānala sāyakam ।
kṣipradagda puratrayaṃ tridaśālayai-rabhivanditaṃ
chandraśēkharamāśrayē mama kiṃ kariṣyati vai yamaḥ ॥ 1 ॥

pañchapādapa puṣpagandha padāmbuja dvayaśōbhitaṃ
phālalōchana jātapāvaka dagdha manmadha vigraham ।
bhasmadigdha kaḻēbaraṃ bhavanāśanaṃ bhava mavyayaṃ
chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara rakṣamām ॥ 2 ॥ Chandrashekhar Ashtkam With Meaning

mattavāraṇa mukhyacharma kṛtōttarīya manōharaṃ
paṅkajāsana padmalōchana pūjitāṅghri sarōruham ।
dēva sindhu taraṅga śrīkara sikta śubhra jaṭādharaṃ
chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara pāhimām ॥ 3 ॥

yakṣa rājasakhaṃ bhagākṣa haraṃ bhujaṅga vibhūṣaṇam
śailarāja sutā pariṣkṛta chāruvāma kaḻēbaram ।
kṣēḻa nīlagaḻaṃ paraśvadha dhāriṇaṃ mṛgadhāriṇam
chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara pāhimām ॥ 4 ॥

kuṇḍalīkṛta kuṇḍalīśvara kuṇḍalaṃ vṛṣavāhanaṃ
nāradādi munīśvara stutavaibhavaṃ bhuvanēśvaram ।
andhakāntaka māśritāmara pādapaṃ śamanāntakaṃ
chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara rakṣamām ॥ 5 ॥ Chandrashekhar Ashtkam With Meaning

bhēṣajaṃ bhavarōgiṇā makhilāpadā mapahāriṇaṃ
dakṣayajña vināśanaṃ triguṇātmakaṃ trivilōchanam ।
bhakti mukti phalapradaṃ sakalāgha saṅgha nibarhaṇaṃ
chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara rakṣamām ॥ 6 ॥

bhaktavatsala-marchitaṃ nidhimakṣayaṃ haridambaraṃ
sarvabhūta patiṃ parātpara-mapramēya manuttamam ।
sōmavārina bhūhutāśana sōma pādyakhilākṛtiṃ
chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara pāhimām ॥ 7 ॥

viśvasṛṣṭi vidhāyakaṃ punarēvapālana tatparaṃ
saṃharaṃ tamapi prapañcha maśēṣalōka nivāsinam ।
krīḍayanta maharniśaṃ gaṇanātha yūtha samanvitaṃ
chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara chandraśēkhara rakṣamām ॥ 8 ॥ Chandrashekhar Ashtkam With Meaning

mṛtyubhīta mṛkaṇḍusūnukṛtastavaṃ śivasannidhau
yatra kutra cha yaḥ paṭhēnna hi tasya mṛtyubhayaṃ bhavēt ।
chandraśēkhara ēva tasya dadāti muktimayatnataḥ ॥ 9 ॥

॥ Iti Shrishivarahasyantargate Shivaakhye Markandeyakritam Shri Chandrashekharashtakam Sampoornam ॥\

पढ़िए चंद्रशेखर अष्टकम के अर्थ हिंदी में

Chandrashekhar Ashtkam With Meaning:

  • Hey Chandrashekhar! Hey Chandrashekhar! Please protect me. Hey Chandrashekhar! Hey Chandrashekhar! Please protect me. I take refuge in Chandrashekhar, whose abode is on the peak of Kailash, who made the bow of Merugiri, the string of Nagraj Vasuki into a fiery arrow to Lord Vishnu and immediately burnt all the three demons, whose feet are worshiped by all the gods. What will Yamraj do with me?
  • Whose beauty is enhanced by the lotus feet of the couple fragrant with five divine trees and flowers, who had incinerated the body of Kamadeva in the flame of fire that appeared from his frontal eye, whose idol is always adorned with ashes, despite being the cause of the origin of all. I take refuge in Lord Chandrashekhar who is the destroyer of existence (world) and who never gets destroyed. What will Yamraj do with me? Chandrashekhar Ashtkam With Meaning
  • I take refuge in Lord Chandrashekhar, who appears to be extremely beautiful when covered with the skin sheet of Gajraj, the drunkard, whose lotus feet are worshiped by even Brahma and Vishnu, who wears cool hair drenched with the waves of Ganga, the river of Gods and Siddhas. hu What will Yamraj do with me?
  • Who has made the ear-filler of the serpent king Vasuki in the form of a ring and whose vehicle is the old bull, whose glory has been praised by Naradadi sages, who is the God of all the gods, who is famous by the name of Bhuvaneshwar Mahadev, who took shelter in the form of immortal plant by Andhakasura and Vrishni dynasty. This has happened, which is also the end of Shaman-Yamraj. I take refuge in that Lord Chandrashekhar. What will Yamraj do with me?. Chandrashekhar Ashtkam With Meaning
  • Who is the friend of Yaksharaj Kuber and who removes the defect of Indra’s Bhagaksha form and is wearing the Bhuj ornament, whose beautiful left part of the idol has been adorned by Giriraj Kishori Uma, whose throat is blue due to drinking Kalkut poison. I take refuge in Lord Chandrashekhar who is visible and who also holds an ax and Mrigalachchandra in one hand. What will Yamraj do with me?
  • Who is the medicine for the people suffering from the disease of birth and death, who removes the obstacles and destroys the Daksh Yagya, who has all the three qualities like Satva etc., who has three eyes, who gives the fruits of enjoyment and salvation and completes the whole life. I take refuge in Lord Chandrashekhar who destroys sins. What will Yamraj do with me?. Chandrashekhar Ashtkam With Meaning
  • I take refuge in Lord Chandrashekhar, who creates the entire world in the form of Brahma, then remains involved in the maintenance of everyone in the form of Vishnu, and finally destroys the entire universe, and who, surrounded by the associates of Lord Ganesha, plays various games day and night. What will Yamraj do with me?
  • Who is kind to the devotees, who despite being an inexhaustible treasure for the people who worship Him, who himself remains Digambar, who is the master of all the beings, who is supreme, incomparable and without comparison, through the earth, water, sky, fire and moon. I take refuge in Lord Chandrashekhar whose idol is safe. What will Yamraj do with me?
  • Whoever, suffering from the fear of death, recites this stotra of Rishi Markandeya near Shiva or anywhere else, Lord Chandrashekhar bestows that person with full life, health, abundant wealth and ultimately salvation.

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Chandrashekhar Ashtkam With Meaning , What are the benefits of Chandrashekhar Ashtkam, Shiva worship, how to avoid untimely death?

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