Benefits of Shani Kavach

Benefits of Shani Kavacham, lyrics of shani vajrpanjarkavach, who should read Shani Kavach, meaning of Shani Kavacham.

According to astrology, Saturn is a bitter planet but like justice and does not like favoritism. According to the deeds of the person, auspicious or inauspicious results are obtained during the dasha of Saturn.

If Saturn is malefic or debilitated in the horoscope, or shani dhaiya or saadesati is going on, then the person goes through various kinds of problems. If we talk about its solution, then the mantras of Shani are chanted, Shani’s donation is done.

In this article, we will learn about a special  and power Shani Kavach.

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Benefits of Shani Kavacham, lyrics of shani vajrpanjarkavach, who should read Shani Kavach, meaning of Shani Kavacham.
Benefits of Shani Kavach

पढ़िए हिंदी में शनि कवच के फायदे 

Recitation of Shani kavach gives many benefits to the person like –

  1. Protects from the effect of bad Saturn present in the horoscope.
  2. The person gets freedom from diseases.
  3. Enemy barrier ends.
  4. Accident is avoided.
  5. Protects from negative forces.

If you are troubled because of the planet Saturn. Pain, disease, calamity, insult, disease, accidents, financial problems, mental problems are not leaving you, then don’t worry, recite Shani Kavach and see the benefits.

|| अथ श्री शनिवज्रपंजरकवचं ||

विनियोग :-

अस्य श्रीशनैश्चर कवच स्तोत्रमंत्रस्य कश्यप ऋषि:, अनुष्टुप् छन्द: शनैश्चरो देवता । 

श्रीं शक्ति: शूं कीलकम्, शनैश्चर प्रीत्यर्थे पाठे विनियोग: ।।

नीलाम्बरो नीलवपु: किरीटी गृध्रस्थितत्रासकरो धनुष्मान्।।

चतुर्भुज: सूर्यसुत: प्रसन्न: सदा मम स्याद्वरद: प्रशान्त:।।1।।

ब्रह्मा उवाच।

श्रृणुध्वमृषय: सर्वे शनिपीडाहरं महत् ।।

कवचं शनिराजस्य सौरेरिदमनुत्तमम् ।।2।।

कवचं देवतावासं वज्रपंजरसंज्ञकम्।।

शनैश्चरप्रीतिकरं सर्वसौभाग्यदायकम् ।।3।।

ॐ श्रीशनैश्चर: पातु भालं मे सूर्यनंदन: ।।

नेत्रे छायात्मज: पातु कर्णो यमानुज: ।।4।।

नासां वैवस्वत: पातु मुखं मे भास्कर: सदा ।।

स्निग्धकण्ठश्च मे कण्ठ भुजौ पातु महाभुज: ।।5।।

स्कन्धौ पातु शनिश्चैव करौ पातु शुभप्रद:।।

वक्ष: पातु यमभ्राता कुक्षिं पात्वसितस्थता ।।6।।

नाभिं गृहपति: पातु मन्द: पातु कटिं तथा ।।

ऊरू ममाSन्तक: पातु यमो जानुयुगं तथा ।।7।।

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पदौ मन्दगति: पातु सर्वांग पातु पिप्पल: ।।

अंगोपांगानि सर्वाणि रक्षेन् मे सूर्यनन्दन: ।।8।।

इत्येतत् कवचं दिव्यं पठेत् सूर्यसुतस्य य: ।।

न तस्य जायते पीडा प्रीतो भवन्ति सूर्यज: ।।9।।

व्ययजन्मद्वितीयस्थो मृत्युस्थानगतोSपि वा ।।

कलत्रस्थो गतोवाSपि सुप्रीतस्तु सदा शनि: ।।10।।

अष्टमस्थे सूर्यसुते व्यये जन्मद्वितीयगे ।।

कवचं पठते नित्यं न पीडा जायते क्वचित् ।।11।।

इत्येतंत्कवचं दिव्यं सौरेर्यन्निर्मितं पुरा।

द्वादशाष्टम्जन्मस्थदोषान्नाशयते सदा।

जन्मलग्नस्थितान् दोषान् सर्वान्नाशयते प्रभुः।।12।।

।। इति श्रीब्रह्माण्ड पुराणे ब्रह्मनारदसंवादे शनिवज्रपंजरकवचं संपूर्णम्।।

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Shanivajrapanjarakavach is given in Brahmanda Purana and is a very powerful text. Those people who recite Shani Kavach regularly, Shani Dev definitely blesses them, life becomes obstacle free, there is no doubt about it.

  • If Saturn’s Mahadasha or Antardasha is going on, then recite Shani Kavach.
  • If Shani’s Sade Sati is going on, then recite Shanivajrapanjarkavach regularly.
  • If there is a fear of vehicle accident, if there is loss in property work, then recite Shani Kawach regularly.
  • With this, the person get rid of physical, mental and financial problems.
  • It is a protective shield and protects the reciter in every way.
  • If the jobbers recite this, then there will be progress by the grace of Shani Dev.
  • If businessmen recite this regularly then profit will increase and business will also increase progressively.
  • If the students recite this, then the obstacles in the attainment of education will be destroyed.
  • Even if the enemies are troubling you a lot, the enemies are defeated by its recitation.

Shani Dev is considered to be the son of Chhaya Devi and Sun God. Yama, the god of death, is his step brother.

Shani Kavach is a very powerful prayer given in Brahmanda Purana, which is an easy solution to every problem.

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Meaning of Shani vajrapanjar kavacham:

O Lord who is clothed in blue silk, having a blue body,

Wears a crown, sits on a vulture, formidable, wields a bow,

Has four hands and is the son of the Sun God,

Always be pleased with me and have mercy on me.

O sages, listen to this Shani Kavach which removes all the miseries brought by the great Shani, 

Shani who is the son of Surya and which is incomparable.

This is a shield called Vajra Panjar Kavacham,

God resides in it; Shani Dev is pleased with this and bestows fortune on everyone.

In the next few verses, Shani is invoked by different names, praying for the protection of different parts of the body.

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Om oh glorious slow walker,

May the son of the sun protect my eyebrows,

Dear son of shadow, protect both my eyes,

May Yama’s younger brother protect both my ears.

May Vaivasvat protect my nose,

May Bhaskari protect my face,

May those with a pure voice protect my speech,

And he who has long arms, may he protect both my arms

May Shani Dev protect both my shoulders,

May the giver protect both my hands,

Yama’s brothers protect my chest,

And the one who is black in color, may he protect my arms.

May the lord of the planets protect my navel,

slow walkers guard my loins,

May the one who ends protect my thighs,

And may Yama protect both my knees.

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slow god protect my feet

May Pippala protect all my organs,

And protect all the primary and secondary parts of my body, son of the sun.

Thus whoever recites this divine armor of Shani,

His pain does not increase because the sons of the Sun become happy.

Whether Saturn is in the twelfth, first or second house,

or even in the 8th or 7th house of death,

He will always be happy with the one who reads this.

Whether Saturn is in the eighth, twelfth, first or second house,

Reading this Kavacham will not cause any sorrow.

Thus this Divya Kavacham of Shani was written in ancient times

All the problems arising due to Saturn being situated in the 12th, 8th and 1st house are always removed.

Benefits of Shani Kavacham, lyrics of shani vajrpanjarkavach, who should read Shani Kavach, meaning of Shani Kavacham.

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