Benefits of Rudrashtakam recitation

Benefits of Rudrashtakam recitation, Shri Rudrashtakam Lyrics with meaning, श्री रुद्राष्टकम के बोल अर्थ के साथ, रुद्राष्टकम पढ़ने के क्या लाभ हैं। 

Rudra which is a form of Shiva and is very powerful. When trouble is coming from all sides, failure is constantly troubling you, negative thoughts are not allowing to move forward, then the recitation of Rudrashtakam is very powerful and effective.

Shree rudrashtak should be recited daily to get the divine grace of Shiva immediately.

If something has been done by the enemy due to which life has become confused, then in such a situation, Rudrashtakam should be recited daily in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Rudrashtak should be recited every morning before leaving for work in order to remove the obstacles in the work of daily life.

Benefits of Rudrashtakam recitation

Rudrashtakam Lyrics in English

Namami Shamishan Nirvan Roopam

Vibhum Vyapakam Brahma Veda Swaroopam |

Nijam Nirgunam Nirvikalpam Nireeham

Chidakaash Maakash Vaasam Bhajeham || 1 ||

Nirakaar Omkar Moolam Turiyam

Giragyaan Goteet Meesham Girisham |

Karaalam Mahakaal Kaalam Kripalam

Gunagaar Sansaar Paaram Naatoham|| 2 || Benefits of Rudrashtakam recitation

Tusharaadri Sankaash Gauram Gabheeram

Manobhoot Koti Prabha Shi Shareeram |

Sfooranmauli Kallolini Charu Ganga

Lasadbhaal Baalendu Kanthe Bhujanga|| 3 ||

Chalatkundalam Bhru Sunethram Vishaalam

Prasannananam Neelkantham Dayalam |

Mrigadheesh Charmaambaram Mundamaalam

Priyam Shankaram Sarvanaatham Bhajaami || 4 || Benefits of Rudrashtakam recitation

Prachandam Prakrishtam Pragalbham Paresham

Akhandam Ajambhaanukoti Prakaasham |

Trayahshool Nirmoolanam Shoolpaanim

Bhajeham Bhawani Patim Bhaav Gamyam || 5 ||

Kalateet Kalyaan Kalpantkaari

Sada Sajjanaanand Daata Purari |

Chidaanand Sandoh Mohapahari

Praseed Praseed Prabho Manmathari || 6 || Benefits of Rudrashtakam recitation

Nayaavad Umanath Paadaravindam

Bhajanteeha Lokey Parewa Naraanaam |

Na Tawatsukham Shaantisantapnaasham

Praseed Prabho Sarvabhootadhivaasam || 7 ||

Na Jaanaami Yogam Japam Naiva Poojaam

Na Toham Sada Sarvada Shambhu Tubhhyam |

Jarajanm Dukhhaudya Taapatyamaanam

Prabho Paahi Aapan Namaami Shri Shambho || 8 ||

Rudrashtakamidam Proktam Vipren Hartoshaye |

Ye Pathanti Naraa Bhaktaya Teyshaam Shambhu Praseedati ||

|| Ithi Shri Goswami Tulasidaasa krutam Sri Rudrashtakam Sampoornam ||

हिंदी में पढ़िए रुद्राष्टक के फायदे और अर्थ 

Lyrics and Meaning of Chandrashekharashtkam

Meaning of Rudrashtak in English: Benefits of Rudrashtakam recitation

I bow to the formless, the origin of Omkar, beyond the sound of speech, beyond the knowledge and the senses, king of kailash mountain, horrible, Kaal of Mahakal, the merciful, the abode of virtues, the Supreme Lord  I salute you. 

Who is as white and serious as Himachal, Whose body has the light and splendor of crores of Cupid, on whose head has the beautiful river Ganga, whose forehead is adorned with the moon of Dwitiya and whose neck is  adorned with snake.

Benefits of Rudrashtakam recitation

Whose ears are adorned with Kundals/coils. Who has a beautiful brow and huge eyes, who is happy face, blue-neck and kind. Who is wearing lion skin and wearing a hood, I worship Shri Shankarji, the beloved of all and the Nath of all.

I worship Lord Shiva, who is supremely brilliant, unborn, light like millions of suns, remover of all the three types of shool, holding a trident in his hand, who is attained through emotion, Bhavani’s husband.

Benefits of Rudrashtakam recitation

Beyond the arts, the form of welfare, the destroyer, the one who always gives pleasure to the gentlemen, the enemy of Tripurasura, the Satchidanandghan, the destroyer of delusion, the one who churns the mind, O Lord, be pleased, be pleased.

Unless human beings worship the lotus feet of Shri Parvatiji’s husband, they neither get happiness and peace in this world, nor in the hereafter, and their sufferings are also not destroyed. Therefore, O Lord who resides in the heart of all living beings, be pleased.

Benefits of Rudrashtakam recitation

I know neither yoga, nor chanting nor worship. O Shambho, I always salute you only. Oh, Lord! Protect me from sorrows, burning from the sorrows of old age and birth. O Shambho, I salute you.

Bholenath is especially pleased with those who read this stotra with devotion.

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Benefits of Rudrashtakam recitation, Shri Rudrashtakam Lyrics with meaning, श्री रुद्राष्टकम के बोल अर्थ के साथ, रुद्राष्टकम पढ़ने के क्या लाभ हैं। 

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