Ashwin month Navratri Date and Importance

Ashwin month Navratri Date and Importance, Shardia navratri 2023, how to do GHAT-STHAPNA, Planetary positions as per vedic astrology.

Again auspicious days to pray maa durga are coming when we can perform prayers to make our persona life, professional life and spiritual life successful. 
In the year 2023, Shardiya navratris  will start from 15th of October and remain till 23rd of October.
These 9 nights and days are highly suitable for offering prayers to maa durga and her incarnations.
Ashwin month Navratri Date and Importance, Shardia navratri 2023, how to do GHAT-STHAPNA, Planetary positions as per vedic astrology.

There are actually 4 navratris comes every year but among them 2 are very common and these are ‘Chaitra navratris’ and ‘Shardiya navratris’. These are perfect days to perform any type of worship/prayers/sadhna to minimize hurdles of life.

If any one is not able to perform prayers whole the year then only these 9 days are very important for them. Spiritual practitioners, tantriks, saints, mahatma, aghoris etc wait for navratris every year to achieve powers to make life powerful.

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Common men can also able to make there life smooth by worshiping goddess heartily. Goddess is very kind and look after every one like a universal mother so no need to fear and no need to become pompous before her. Just put prayers as you are and she will bless.

Shardiya Navratris Date:

As per hindu calender, ashwin month navratri star from Ist day of Ashwin shukla paksha, in the year 2023 navratri will start from 15th Of October and remain till 23rd of October.
Date Tithi Goodess to Worship
15 October Pratipada Ghatasthapana and
Goddess Shailputri Puja
16 October Dwitiya Devi Bhramacharini Puja
17 October Tritiya Goddess Chandraghanta Puja
18 October Chaturthi Devi Kushmanda Puja
19 October Panchmi Goddess Skanda Mata Puja
20 October Shashti Devi Katyayani Puja
21 October Saptmi Goddess Kalaratri Puja
22 October Ashtmi Devi Maha Gowri Puja

and Durga Ashtami Puja
23 October Navmi Goddess Siddhidatri Puja

Planetary Positions In This Shardiya Navratris/Ashwin Navratris:

In the year 2023, the planetary positions are as follows:
  • In transit, Sun and Mercury are sitting together due to which Budhaditya Yoga will be formed which is creating a good environment for spiritual practice.
  • Mercury will be exalted which will be beneficial for everyone.
  • Guru Mitra will be in Aries, which will create a good environment for spiritual practice.
  • Venus will be in an enemy sign at this time, due to which the personal happiness of some people will decrease.
  • Saturn will be in its own zodiac sign Aquarius.
  • Rahu will remain in the enemy sign.
  • The auspiciousness of Ketu will be very helpful in spiritual practice.

So we can perform spiritual practices positively both for spiritual growth as well as materialistic growth in this shardiy navratris. Read about Special prayog for navratris.

Things To Do In This Navratris:

  1. Do read durga shaptshati if possible daily.
  2. If you are having busy schedule then don’t worry chant the 108 names of goddess daily two times morning and evening and pray for success.
  3. If you are having problem related to any negative energy then do recite devotedly “devi kawach” and pray to protect you.
  4. Do worship small girls and make them happy to get blessings of goddess.
  5. You can install siddha yantras like shree yantra, durga yantra, mahakali yantra in order to get success and protection.
  6. Do give dhuni of gugal daily to make positive atmosphere.

So don’t leave a moment to make life smooth , happy and healthy. Use navratris for success, use navratris for getting a healthy and happy life.
Date of Shardia navratri 2023 and astrology, importance of 9 days of goddess, what to do for success in navratri for success as per astrology, Planetary positions as per vedic astrology.

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