16 Magical Mantras of Ganeshji

What are the 16 magical mantras of Ganpati ji, what are the benefits of chanting 16 mantras of Ganeshji.

The 16 mantras of Ganpati ji are wonderful and beneficial for all. Important and positive effects are seen in life by chanting them. You can adopt these mantras in your daily life. Ganpati ji is considered the symbol of Vighnaharta i.e. remover of obstacles and knowledge and by chanting his mantras, the obstacles in our life are destroyed and we start growing faster towards success.

What are the 16 magical mantras of Ganpati ji, what are the benefits of chanting 16 mantras of Ganeshji.
16 Magical Mantras of Ganeshji

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Benefits of 16 mantras of Ganpati ji:

  1. Chanting 16 mantras of Ganpati ji reduces mental stress. By chanting it our mind becomes peaceful and we get positive energy.
  2. By chanting these mantras we get success in our professional field. With the grace of Ganapati ji, obstacles in our work are removed and we get prosperity.
  3. By chanting these mantras, one gets protection from the evil eye and dark energies. Chanting this increases our confidence and we are successful in achieving our goals.
  4. This mantra removes all the obstacles in our life and helps us move towards success. Chanting this makes our thinking positive and helps us in achieving our goals.
  5. By chanting this mantra, the obstacles in education are also removed.
  6. 16 names of Ganapati ji are very divine, if one chants these 16 names at the time of beginning of education, at the time of marriage, at the time of house warming, at the time of some auspicious work or in times of extreme crisis, then there is no obstacle for him. While c
  7. hanting these names, offering durva and flowers to Shri Ganesha pleases Ganesha very quickly.

The mantras for the 16 names of Ganesha are as follows:

  1. || Om Gam Sumukhay Namah ||
  2. || Om Gam Ek Dantay Namah ||
  3. || Om Gam Kapilay Namah ||
  4. || Om Gam Gajkarnaya Namah ||
  5. || Om Gam Lambodarai Namah ||
  6. || Om Gam Vikataay Namah ||
  7. || Om Gam Vighnarajaya Namah ||
  8. || Om Gam Ganadhipaya Namah ||
  9. || Om Gam Dhoomketve Namah ||
  10. || Om Ganadhyakshay Namah ||
  11. || Om Gam Kalchandraya Namah ||
  12. || Om Gam Gajananay Namah ||
  13. || Om Gam Vakratunday Namah ||
  14. || Om Gam Shurpkarnaay Namah 
  15. || Om Gam Herambaya Namah||
  16. ||Om Gam Skanda Purvajaay Namah ||

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What are the 16 magical mantras of Ganpati ji, what are the benefits of chanting 16 mantras of Ganeshji.

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